Monday, November 18, 2019

Victoria Hospital Delivers Five Christmas Babies

Victoria Hospital had delivered five babies on Christmas Day up to 8.00 pm, according to hospital sources.

A baby boy weighing weighing 7.8 pounds was the first to be born about 8:58 am, it was reported.

The mother of the child is originally from Choiseul, but currently resides in Castries.

The Castries resident, who preferred not to be identified, told St Lucia Times that the newborn was her fifth child – all of them boys.

She explained that the birth posed no real difficulty.

Hers was the only male born at the hospital, the other four being females.

One of the girls was delivered via caesarean section, St Lucia Times was informed.


  1. It is an honneur from God to bare children, so parents it is your Christmas gift from God, cherish them all the days of your life. Ephesians chapter 5 and 6, will guide you. The good Lord will give you all what it takes to bring them up. My God will continue to bless you!
    It must have been a very busy Christmas day for the medical staff, hats off to you!

  2. tell me, how many of those making those babies have jobs? how many are married and in their own homes? i bet you close to 99% will answer no to both those questions. stop making ghetto recruits and build yourselves before having babies; too bad this concept is foreign to our black people.

  3. yeah mutiply that number by 365 days in a year. it means that about 2000 or more are being born a year in a country where the mothers cannot take adequate care of them, with no fathers or the fathers themselves can’t afford to take care of the kids. and some of us wonder where the crime and social unrest coming from and when will it end when we have that type of family model or lack thereof mutiplying left right and center. but our poor people dont understand those in and outs . online news rather keep those hard facts from the masses and just publish congrats, congrats , with absolutely no sense or care about what this really means for the future in a country that is barely able to stand because of kids doing marjee with themselves and creating havoc. look at the crime stats and state their ages and you all will see the proof.

  4. Yes God will bless them but God has nothing to do with Christmas so get it right it is actually a satanic practice

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