Victoria Hospital senior executives engage in leadership training

PRESS RELEASE:-Senior management staff of the Victoria Hospital were recently engaged in  leadership training entitled, “Five Choices to Extraordinary Productivity.”

 Executive Director of the Victoria Hospital Jeanette Hughes said this training will provide the senior executive team with the skills, tools and techniques to better handle the two major tasks of managing the operations at Victoria Hospital, while simultaneously managing the transitioning efforts to the Owen King EU Hospital.

 “They continue to be challenged with the constraints of Victoria Hospital, meet the expectations of the clientele but yet try to implement the plan for transitioning within the scheduled period for the move. It will only take extraordinary results to get that done and obviously with the commitment and dedication of the team we can get it done. “

The executive director indicated that the training will allow executive members to be able to filter distractions from priorities, establish extraordinary results and outcomes from the ordinary, meet and understand the expectations of the clientele both current VH clients and their families and stockholders of the OKEU hospital.

“So it is our way to plan how we will manage and execute both assignments and to meet the results that we anticipate . “

Workshop facilitator, Thecla Deterville who is the Managing Director for Celestial Self Development Centre and franchise holder for Franklin Covey International in the OECS, provided some insights into the training programme which she said is being offered for only the second time in St. Lucia.

thecla-deterville“As part of the process we would have started off with an online assessment. Then that is followed by the two day work programme, which is what happened yesterday and today and there is also a five week quick start where with the five choices, you deal with one choice every week for the next five weeks.  So, you cement the knowledge the learning and the commitment to using those choices. Then after the five weeks you go back and do the after part of the online assessment. So, it gives you a picture of where you started and where you are five weeks after having taken the programme.”

Deterville stated that in addition, participants will also have access to an app which will allow them to monitor their productivity while communicating with people from different parts of the world who have done the programme.

“The way it operates because of the tools and the kits that each participant gets, they can go into the work place and help the people that report to them assimilate the concepts the principles and to be able to apply it as well. So it’s not just for those who are sitting here. The process the way it is done allows them to pass it onto others.”

Abraham Weeks, Senior Pharmacist at the Victoria Hospital said, “This workshop has been very good. It has helped us come together and see what’s important to the organisation and especially in this climate of improving healthcare and our move to the new hospital. So it really has us thinking in the same direction and having the same purpose.”

Rita Mason, Departmental Sister at the Victoria Hospital mentioned, “One thing is sticking out in my mind, ‘Pause, Clarify and Decide.’  In healthcare,we deal with emergencies, we deal with constant distractions, we deal with constant interruptions, it’s an opportunity to plan, think and decide. So it’s really beneficial in our day to day activity in the delivery of healthcare .”

The Executive Director notes that as time draws closer to the full transitioning of Victoria Hospital to the Owen King EU Hospital, the excitement and anticipation of staff are also increasing.  She believes this leadership training for the executive is timely and appropriate as the team focuses on the goal ahead.

Leadership training for VH

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