Victoria Hospital Suspends Elective And Day Surgeries

Victoria Hospital has suspended elective and day surgeries until further notice.

A release Wednesday from the Department of Health and Wellness said the move is the result of the increase of Intensive Care Unit ICU patients at the health care institution.

“The increase of ICU patients is as a result of a rise in violent cases such as stabbings, gunshot wounds, excessive alcohol consumption and chronic diseases such as diabetes, strokes, and hypertension,” the release disclosed.

It quoted Medical Director of the Victoria Hospital Dr. Alisha Eugene-Ford as appealing to everyone, including our social partners such as families, civil society, churches, youth groups, mothers and fathers groups and other government agencies  like the police, fire service and social transformation, to put measures in place to manage their health.

“In addition, persons are asked to curb violence by changing their behavior to avoid complications which results in long admissions and ICU admissions,” it was observed.


  1. That’s because Tapion Hospital is sending their critically ill patients to use VH ICU because they do not want to have a record if deaths in their statistics. When his happens VH converts one of their theaters into an ICU unit and deprive poor persons of having surgeries .. the rich wins

    • Do you work at the VH? Do you have any idea of how the surgical theatre is run? How many beds are in there? Do you have any idea how many stabbing victims, shooting victims, vehicular accident victims, etc., are brought into the hospital, especially at nights? Only if you have first hand information on your comment, can you comment, without assumptions.

      • Don’t come for me I speak FACTS. And yes I have first hand information edisquay. Lucians like to cover up too much.

  2. Why cant they open OKEU? Where is the senior Minister of Health, Guy Joseph? At least he can tell us something.

    • OKEU has less beds than VH. You might have to carry in your own, instead of relying on Guy Joseph to tell “you something”.

  3. Shamefull but we have a population that is growing and we still,living with our politicians in ga,ga land or in horse track,We going to use track every two months,to see the same old horses compete amongst themselves.and we cant perform a surgery because we have to have the place ready for an emergency.If all St Lucians decided one day to say enough is enough and gather infront of the water front buildings,then they would throw the police force against us,then we would respond with what ever at hand,and it would get ugly and out of hand,there would be inmense destruction .We are all tired of BS.

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