‘Victory For The People As SLP Government Retracts Amendments To Public Finance Management Bill’

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Press Release:- The SLP Government’s hurried last minute retraction of the proposed amendments to the Public Finance Bill and the failure to circulate the new Bill in a timely fashion to the Opposition shows a Government that is completely confused and continues to put politics before people.

The Office of the Leader of the Opposition noted via a press release last week that the proposed amendments to the Public Finance Bill, which was passed in November 2020 by the UWP administration, would have compromised Saint Lucia’s public trust and good governance.

These proposed amendments were shared with Members of the House of Assembly late last week and would have presented issues of accountability for public spending.

On the morning of Parliament on Tuesday February 1st, 2022, it appears the Government quickly removed the proposed amendments without informing the Opposition.

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“The fact that the amendments proposed last week were removed on the morning of the Parliament sitting at the last minute, is a victory for the people. Like I said we are only two in Parliament but we will ensure that our presence is felt by bringing the issues to the people and that is what we did with the Public Finance Bill amendments,” stated Leader of the Opposition Honourable Allen Chastanet.

“We will continue to be the watchdogs when it comes to such issues, even though they will try as much as possible to play games such as not informing us that a new Bill was circulated on the morning of Parliament. It is obvious our press release caused the Government to change course and we are pleased. We protected the best interests of the people.”

The Leader of the Opposition said he remains concerned about the manner in which the Amended Bill was circulated and the fact that the Opposition was not informed.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Can we just put all politics aside along with all the insults which come with it. Election is over and it was done in July of last year. Can we just make some valuable contribution to ensure we get a better SLU – Just an ask.

  2. @g.w here it is. The Public Finance Act was passed in 2020 by the UWP government. However the SLP government had proposed changes to the Bill. These are the amendments that we are talking about. These amendments were changed not only with Chastnet’s opposition to it but also Kenny’s call for the amendments to be revised. This clearly shows that the amendments proposed by Pierre and his associates were not in favour of us the people of St Lucia

  3. @Grey Fox Can you imagine if the United Worthless Party Cronies were told disclose their assets ?? That Resort in the Turks and Caicos would have been a shocker…not to mention what your White God has up in Canada under the assumption of “legitimate ourchases ” when it’s really The Saint Lucian People Monies that bought it.

  4. Chastanet is a self- aggrandizing con artist. He could not register a legitimate victory at the polls so he is embellishing himself thru a press release. The man is vile and shallow.

  5. @Modestus Louis. Did you listen to the whole debate? If you did, you would have seen the presentation of the Great and Honourable Kenny Anthony. It was during his presentation he asked that the bill be reviewed. Allen was in over his head and he was very incompetent.

  6. Talking of honesty, I read where the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley have called for members to declare their assets; she also announced Zero tolerance for corruption in her Government. The Government in Barbados is 100% Labour, can the Labour Government in St. Lucia demand the same policy for their members, especially the members of his Cabinet?

  7. i wonder if it was the rover volaire that wanted the rules changed together with his lotto money buddy and all those goons the volaire put in position in all ministries to do what he like. must be mate self that wanted the public financing act to be gone. cause u all know he controlling pierre. look like he wanted to add a mercedes benz to the rover. you lucians keep sleeping.

  8. i am a bit confused, is it me or this story was not written properly?, what i understand so far is the proposed amendments to the Public Finance Bill, which was passed in November 2020 by the UWP administration, would have compromised Saint Lucia’s public trust and good governance. so this was passed by UWP in 2020 right? so if this was passed by uwp at that time which means it was good right? so then how can the removal of these same proposed amendments which was passed by the uwp in 2020 be a victory for the people if slp removed them? or are you saying that slp did another proposed amendments to the one that uwp did and tried to do it in quickly which is not acceptable?

  9. @ Modestus Louis you are quite right Chastanet’s incompetence caused taxpayers to pay millons to Range. He brought in Cabot and we had to give them Nic money to purchase the land.
    In your own words St Lucians should have, “nightmares whenever they hear the name of Allan Michael Chastanet….even in broad daylight!”

  10. Wow! Great work Mr. Chastanet. UWP has never been effective in opposition but you have turned this right around. Very importantly you made labor realize that despite their APPARENT 15-2 majority in Parliament, they are effectively a minority government with support from less than 30% of the voting population. THEY CANNOT DEAL WITH THAT FACT!
    The hacks try to deflect, but they are simply terrified of you! Collectively, Labor has nightmares whenever they hear the name of Allan Michael Chastanet….even in broad daylight!
    You go, my PM. Continue to do the people’s work. We are solidly behind you!

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