Friday, February 21, 2020

Vide Bouteille Secondary School Renamed

In homage to its first principal, the Vide Bouteille Secondary School was yesterday, renamed the Patricia D. James Secondary School.

The ceremony, held on school grounds, saw 600 students clad in bright new uniforms welcomed with pomp and ceremony for the start of a new school year.

The re-branding was conceptualized in commemoration of the school`s thirtieth anniversary, and is in tribute to the school`s first principal, Ms Patricia James who dedicated her life to educating the nation`s youth.

Parliamentary representative for Castries (north), Hon. Stephenson King, said: “I am extremely proud of my colleague, Dr. Gale T.C Rigobert, and her team at the Ministry of Education who gave us the support and worked tirelessly to make this day a reality. Today we delivered a completely renovated institution—an investment in our children. As the district representative for Castries, I was pleased to join the students, Miss Patricia James, education officials, parents, principal, staff, and past students for this momentous occasion.

“Congratulations Miss James, and all the best to the current students and staff, and those who will walk through the halls of this great institution in the future.”


  1. They should’ve named it Red Cross Secondary School cuz that’s what the new uniform looks like 😂😂😂 don’t @ me

    • The problem I have with the uniform is the big red tie that is part of the uniform. With all the heat around these days associated with climate change then the use of ties may not be appropriate for our hot tropical conditions. Please don’t sacrifice the children’s comfort for aesthetics.

  2. 1st Ceremony was held in the church not school grounds.SNO ger it right.
    2nd school uniform looks perfect it is a difference you ignorant fool . At the end of the day your name says it all.

  3. Lasbat

    You are so below class, an uneducated low life ignorant you are. The uniform is just different, maybe you never wore a secondary school uniform. We the students look businesslike and will not be intimidated by your remarks. Even inmates at Bordelais getting educated. Go fit yourself somewhere better than you are.

    • Wow- what a baseless rant! I can bet $ that your “being educated” claim is a lie. What is business-like for an active teenager to be wearing a tie in 32 degree weather all day? Are you saying that farmers are not business men- because they sure don’t choke their throat while plowing the land? Clearly you have a problem with anyone who critics the tie- I think the tie needs to go for 4 reasons- it is not appropriate for our climate, it does not make the children better individuals, it is an added cost to parents , AND it reminds me of the subtle ways that colonialists have brainwashed our people to believe that their way of dressing is superior to our traditional wear.

      • Colonialists!! its like the “lord put a hand” comments that are often on here, the oppression of us 200 years ago has to be bought up, get over it and move on. We are talking about a school uniform here.

  4. The school’s original uniform had a red tie (girls). Then it was changed to the bolero and we wore that in heat so what’s wrong with this one. Anyway as one of the first students to enter this school on 1989 it was an amazing journey. Ms. James was an awesome principal and deserves this.. Congrats!!

  5. One of the best Principals ever who did a wonderful job at the school with her student doing so well at the exams and also in life. I would know because I went there in 90 and saw it first hand. Now I’m giving you my opinion from observations being at the ceremony at the church and also the ribbon cutting at the school. The schools look beautiful with the brand new paint job and the naming. Also the students look spectacular and business like with their uniforms red ties and all. The only problem I had was with the suspenders on the sides of the girls skirts but it was pointed out to me that the ones with the suspenders was to differentiate the form ones from the rest of the other forms. And one information for you’ll the uniform was chosen by the teachers and past students and also those red ties were done by the teachers at the school.

  6. In my opinion this is one of the best things to have happened to the VBSS. Translate ” vide bouteille” into creole or french and it means ” empty bottle”. Truely Vide Bouteille is the name of the district but an inappropriate name for a school. I’m quite sure that most of us are aware of the teasing and bullying that some of our students receive upon gaining entrance into this school from students attending more prestigeous schools and from other malicious persons as well. This, of course, can be very demotivating to students attending the VBSS. This change of name could not have come at a better time. And who better to name the school after but one of the best principals it ever had… PATRICIA D. JAMES. Also one of the best educators in St. Lucia…Also one of the best teachers at ST.JOSEPH’S CONVENT in her younger years…I learnt very well from her teachings at SJC. I’m quite happy that she has been honoured while she’s still alive so she can enjoy the glory…Indeed !!!…Congratulations to u PATRICIA D. JAMES. The change of uniform is great…I like the differentiation in uniforms between the Form Ones and the rest of the school. I’m not a tie person so I’m not too fussy about ties..Its part of the uniform, so its ok. Quote taken from a book written by Patricia D.James ” The way we approach our work speaks volumes about our attitude”. Its this very positive attitude that Patricia has displayed in her long teaching career which has her being honoured today..Bravo to her and to those persons who saw it necessary to honour her. Let’s all rally along with the students and staff of the PATRICIA D. JAMES SECONDARY SCHOOL so that it can find its niche and be among the best schools in the country.

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