VIDEO: Armed Cop Arrests Brazen Suspect In Castries

An alert cop arrested a brazen thief in Castries Tuesday, law enforcement officials say.

The armed police officer noticed a suspicious character under the hood of a vehicle at Morne Fortune and intervened.

The same vehicle had earlier been broken into.

The incident was recorded on CCV camera.



  1. wow!!
    I want to applaud this police officer. His alertness ensured that he saw that something was not right and was able to apprehend this thief.

    These guys are causing so much grief and financial hardship to hard working persons. I hope that more police officers will be as observant as him.

    Thank you again Sir.

  2. The officer should have shot him in the leg. Most judges are easily fooled by dishonest lawyers and this guy would most likely be given a lenient sentences. As long as CCTV evidence is available to prove that the police did encounter the thief, this thief must be shot in the leg.

  3. Come on my people, the cop did good, give credit. This type of crime can be prevented by the general public. Keep your eyes & ears open.

  4. Now, with this evidence, a very strong message can be sent by ‘a good whip lashing’
    in public. This kind of message will send sound waves right across the Island to deter
    most criminals. We all know that the Court system is much too lenient. Over to you “Mary”.

  5. Awesome work by the Officer! these guys cause so much grief for hardworking people who probably are still paying high loan payments on vehicles only to have them stolen and striped

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