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Updated on June 1, 2020 12:24 pm
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VIDEO: Arsonists Caught On Camera Prior To Laborie Highway Fire

Arsonists were caught on camera shortly before a fire broke out early Wednesday morning at the Empire 758 entertainment centre on the Laborie Highway, it has been reported.

A video of the incident has been posted on social media.

The hoodie-wearing individuals were seen pouring a liquid in the building, shortly before the fire about 3.30 am.

They returned after the fire started to pour more liquid in the building.

The building is understood to have sustained ‘substantial damage’, including fire damage to the balcony, roof, tables and interior walls.

A police investigation is underway.

There were no reports of injuries.




  1. What’s, really going on in St. Lucia, now. People are really brave, to do these kind of things. I, firmly believe that it isn’t for Insurance purposes. No one would be foolish enough to pay someone, to set his business place ablaze, and there are cameras, it would defeat the purpose.

    • Actually exactly what you said, is the reason why cameras would be left on, for insurance purposes while unaffiliated parties would be paid to do the job. Nonetheless I doubt this was self inflicted. This place was slowly gaining mass popularity. Jealousy perhaps????

  2. Senoir you call these people comitting an arson attack brave. This is an act of cowardness and not bravery.

  3. These guys have to be caught and make them pay, black people against black people , some competition jealous , ?

  4. Entrepreneurs trying to make a living and other people are fighting to destroy their businesses. Very sad situation

  5. These guys are from the neighbour hood,many should recognice them ,their faces and bodies are pretty clear.We have to put an end to these things,put them away for 15 years and make them pay the damages.But please dont forget they were doing the job for the big man,so lets get the fat pig,and lock him up to

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