VIDEO: CCC Accused Of ‘Unconscionable’ Crackdown On Vendors

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The President of the Vendors Association has criticised the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) because of a crackdown on some vendors.

Peter ‘Ras Ips’ Isaac accused the CCC of acting in an ‘unconscionable’ manner.

He made the accusation because of an incident Friday morning on the sidewalk outside the Blue Coral Building in Castries.

Eyewitnesses reported that City police arrested a young man who was selling agriculture produce from a trolley.

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According to the eyewitnesses, the police officers seized the trolley and put it at the back of a vehicle.

And they took the young vendor away.

Someone posted a recording of the incident on social media.

However a CCC official told St Lucia Times that City police officers were merely enforcing ‘no vending’ zones

The President of the Vendors Association has questioned the timing of the enforcement.

But he did so while asserting that vending cannot take place just anywhere,

Peter Isaac says these not normal times because of COVID-19.

“This is not the time for you to take that kind of action,” he declared.

He explained there’s almost no work for self-employed individuals because of COVID-19.

Isaac also accused the authorities of doing nothing to help vendors get some of the tourist dollars.

He said the CCC was being unfair and appearing to act without a conscience.

“People have to survive – people have to eat,” Isaac told St Lucia Times.

Shortly after arresting the 21 year old man who was selling produce in Castries, the City Police released him.

He told St Lucia Times  that instead of stealing, he was trying to make an honest living by selling produce for a farmer.

The youth said he had lost his job at a local construction company.

Headline photo from a social media video: City police arrest vendor outside Blue Coral Mall

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