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VIDEO: Massive Fish Catch In Martinique Declared Illegal

A massive catch of fish in Martinique has been declared illegal by authorities there, media reports say.

Photos and videos of the catch were posted on social media showing a curious group of individuals, including tourists, looking on as the fish were being off loaded.

According to the online news source RCI.FM,   fishermen from Le Marin brought back the estimated one ton of fish to the Anse Moustique beach in Sainte-Anne a week ago.

However it was reported that the fish was caught by trawling, a practice declared illegal since the beginning of this year.

Trawling is a method of fishing that involves pulling a net through the water behind one or more boats.

Martinique authorities say the practice results in harm to juvenile species, damages corals and disrupts the nets of other fishermen.

It was not immediately clear what action the authorities intended to take in connection with the massive catch of fish.

Sources in Martinique told St Lucia Times that some fishers may not be aware of the new law against trawling that took effect from January 1, 2020.

A representative of the local fishing fraternity is reported to have urged the authorities to initiate dialogue with the fishermen involved to work out the best way to handle the situation.


  1. Now this is very concerning ….for many years the matinique fisherman have been depleting their fish stock . they have been fishing in our waters illegally . st.lucia coast guard please look out for those French fishing vessels .

    • Coco D, sadly the martiniquan fishers have taken residence in St. Lucia from the late 70s and caused the depletion of our fish stock also. They were the only ones with the capacity to dive for conch and take back to Martinique. Because of this depletion of the stock we can no longer get conch at 20 30 ft. but rather at 80ft or more. No wonder more fishers are getting the Benz (Decompression Sickness).
      Martinique fishers, residing in St. Lucia, were the ones catching boat-full of those very reef fish in the video, and transporting direct to Martinique.
      Even now the last decade have seen unregulated diving by Martiniquans who destroy the reef and remove coral from the reef.
      Sadly, the Department of Fisheries and and other regulatory authorites do not possess adequate resources.
      Even historical wrecks have been plundered of their treasures.

  2. The various earth tremors may have cause the fish to be disoriented . that many fish species never converge together .

  3. When it’s the Japanese and others doing it it’s perfectly fine but when it’s locals it’s illegal dammit. Nonsense the white authorities in Martinique are always trying to keep the blacks down all for themselves.

      • Trinity, please note that Baba’s point is valid as he is referring to Japanese engaging in trawling activity in our waters (and other jurisdiction waters). The difference is that these Japanese fishing fleets are high tech, fully supported by the Japanese Government and are themselves huge multi- million dollar companies with powerful lobyying capabilities.
        Our fishers on the other hand are marginalised, neglected and more often than not have been pushed aside in favour of tourism and tourist related developments.
        So yes, I fully understand Babas point and he is not at all Ignorant..

    • Baba,
      While I understand your position, it is not correct. In the last few decades, our marine space has been plundered by the Koreans, Japanese, and venezuelans. The department of Fisheries with its limited resources have tried their best but it is not enough. Out policy makers are the ones who can make a huge difference.
      In recent years, Martinique, Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent have made strides through the OECS to have marine boundaries for the islands.
      It is quite difficult in the region when Venezuela is able to claim an island off the coast of Dominica as its own since it falls within its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) which is 200 nautical miles from its continental shelf.
      You can get more information on the above by reaching the Chief Fisheries Officer. The OECS and Maritime Affairs at SLASPA.
      By the way other countries are doing the very same thing as Venezuela given that the North Pole is claimed by at least 5 countries including, Russia, Canada, USA, Norway, etc.

  4. High time we educate our ppl about marine life . if only the French was smart they would never haul in that much fish . biggest question is what did they leave for tomorrow ?

    • Public education is important and sustainable fishery is key. However, it appears that based on the article, this method of fishing was legal until December 31, 2019 in Martinique.
      At the end of the day, when a fisher has a family to feed, he has to do what it takes to put food on the table. A fisherman’s life is not easy. He places his life in danger every day he set out to see.
      After hours at sea, many times they return with insufficent to even purchase petrol. What they do catch they are swindelled out of by persons who purchase the fish at a low price and comes to sell to you and me at an exhorbitant price, including the the Fish Marketing Corporation.
      You have to live in the life of a fisher for a day to understand. As for me, I was born into it so I understand both sides of the coin.

      • Great words of advise and understanding there. Hope the so-called authorities who passed the new law sees this very real message u posted and reflect on it wisely before enforcing this law and a ring against the fishermen

  5. this is quite dangerous. the asians have depleted their fisheries with this technique now they are all over africa and around here stealing fish. this must be made illegal on every island. and fishermen must be educated as to why this is wrong. how can you get new fish if you dont leave enough to breed over time. one time look like its not much, but keep doing that day after day, year after year and we will have nothing. send those fishermen who are guilty of this to jail.

  6. This is bad,and all these fish are mainly reef fish.This kind of net should be banned.There has to be limits or else the resources will get depleted.

  7. Good commentary on the life of a Fisher by Tuna but to say that the depletion of our conch stock was largely the responsibility of French fishers taking up residence in Saint Lucia is false. Our local fishers are just as guilty. We need to continue the education of our local fishers using every opportunity available.

  8. Well, Tango you gave a good review of a fishers life and struggles but to say that French fishers who took residence in Saint Lucia are largely responsible for the depletion of our conch stock is false. Our local fishers must share in the unfortunate circumstances as it relates to our conch harvesting. We need to continue to educate our local fishers using every opportunity that is available to us. Sad that this activity should take place in Martinique but we do have some rogue fishers who employ some techniques near our reefs and land a whole lot of juvenile fish from our reefs, this is also unsustainable.

  9. I don’t know that this is something to celebrate. If you drag out all the fish you can possibly haul in, in one day, will all be utilized for the good of all ..Or will there be wastage .. Yes, the fishermen see profit from all this surplus, but are they even thinking about a tomorrow … Don’t they know that fish must breed more fish …. Seems pretty foolhardy to me.

  10. Why god, why we niggers so dumb? all we do is blame uthers for our stupid work. favorite whip boy. de white guy. we niggers our own enemy we can’t seem to get the simplist ting right.

  11. I have seen the same method used in Soufriere. They pull these large nets to shore and don’t even bother to throw the surviving small unwanted fish back into the water. They let them hop around on the beach or in the net until their last breath, like there is no tomorrow. We don’t practice any kind of conservation what so ever, marine or terrestrial.

    • Agreed… The species that they do not want they leave them on the beach to rot and smell.
      In the Soufriere example, I am aware that a number of these small species are used by pot fishers and fishers engaged on bottom line fishing so to a large extent, most of the catch in these fillets are utilized.
      I do support a greater need for conservation and for everyone of us to do our part in ensuring its success.

  12. We have to blame ourselves,we St Lucians depleted the conk,we fished it till there was no more.We started diving to 100 feet,and a couple died and many got the bends,we had no chamber in those days.there has never been limits to the catch,and we all abused.Those 200 meters nets dragged on to the beach,should not be allowed,they kill everything.

  13. Well after reading all comments we must agree some actions must be taken. Everything begins with the people realizing that they have the power to elect leaders who will serve there interest and not the money of others. I have read over and over again that the Asians have depleted their fish population. Well, we have allowed them to carry out these same practices in our Caribbean waters so what do you think will happen to our fishing industry in a few years to come? I am a recreational fisherman here in St Croix And the the only reason why we don’t have that Problem is because we’re governed under the US Flag. Regardless, we must agree that conservation works, laws must be followed but the people have to be educated and not fool by their elected leaders. If not we will all doomed by our stupid Lack of actions.

  14. Lol all humans will be dead before the ocean is depleted of fish. Government wish they could have gotten their share via taxes 😅 worry not about the fishermen 😕 Politicians and local governments are rapping the people for Million$ lol Try monitoring that for “sustainability”

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