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Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am

Vieux Fort Bus Drivers End Strike Over Arrest Of Colleague

Vieux Fort bus drivers Wednesday ended a strike over the arrest of a colleague, following a meeting with Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry.

Moncherry had informed the drivers that he would not meet with them under duress and advised that they return to work.

The President of the Southern Minibus Association, Phillip Jn Baptiste, told St Lucia Times that after the two-hour standoff Wednesday afternoon, the Police Chief gave the assurance that Gilbert Edward, the driver who had been arrested, would be released pending investigations.

Jn Baptiste said the drivers then went back to work, but about 8:20 pm he realised that Edward has not been released.

He said after a delegation from the minibus association visited custody suites, documents were signed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace  and three charges were read to Edward before he was released.

Jn Baptiste disclosed that the charges were grievous harm, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

“We got out and I decided that the strike was off,” the Southern Minibus Association President recalled.

“But we had already said that come 9 O’ clock and he was still in custody, I don’t care whether the Commissioner had given his word or not, we would not have been working all now,” Jn Baptiste declared in the Thursday morning interview with St Lucia Times.

He explained that the colleagues of the bus driver who was arrested are awaiting his day in court come November 25, 2019.

Jn Baptiste said bus drivers will be out in full force for the court appearance.

He praised the Police Commissioner who he said had been ‘active’ throughout the process.



  1. Ignorant Bus Drivers v Power Abusing Police. IDB v PAP. That’s a fight we don’t want to miss. Can we get the court case televised? It is sure to be fantastic.

  2. Ignorant driver yes wait til ure a grown man and some lil thug like officer comes and punch u just so. If I transported citizens daily it would take a toll on me what drivers have to deal with I thank God they not alot worst than they are. We can be horrible passengers too

    • My question is: a police officer and a driver have a quarrel, fight, whatever, what does that have to do with the public? So are we to accept that if a police officer has a problem with a hotel worker that all hotel workers must strike? If a public servant has a problem with a police officer, all public servants must strike? That massy Stores should be closed down because one worker has a problem with the a police officer? That is so stupid. Time that we get a government operated bus system to run side by side with these private bus drivers who think they can hold the country hostage.

  3. We have many ignorant police men,read carefully Im not saying officers,the uniform dosent give you any special rights. If you have any issues with somebody in special,you have to identify yourself,now that is complicated to prove in court.When you are dresed as a civilian ,I recomend to all policemen handle yourself with respect and follow the rules ,the rules are there.

    • You would have made more sense if you appeared a little balanced and ask these unruly, disrespectful, and careless minibus drivers to handle themselves with respect and show respect to other drivers on the road. But Castries Fisherman, why would I expect that of you?

  4. If the bus driver was indeed assaulted there is a way of addressing this issue. Why must the general public be penalized for this incident. I think the bus drivers are using this as an opportunity to impose themselves on the government and general public to get an increase in bus fare.

  5. Are we living in the wild West? A man was arrested by the Police and a mob/gang of indiscipline bus drivers going to the Police Station to demand the release of the man who was apprehended or. What nonsense is this in my country. From the clip that I saw I concluded that it was a bunch of rogues and vagabonds who were obstructing the Police from carrying out their duty. I am hoping that the Police can identify all of them and ensure that they all have their day in court for committing criminal offences during that incident. If you are a witness to an incident you have the right to report it and at the appropriate time to give evidence in a court of law, but to openly defy the instructions of the Police and to cause others so to do is unlawful. The law must be upheld and all those with political agendas must cease to use the ignorance of unsuspecting persons or group for their political advantage.


    • Shut your ***…you are assuming I’m sure in the video you heard that the officer was asked why was the man was being arrested…after an officer in plain clothing parked and punched a citizen doing his job with no prior reason to but a simple thing like backing the f**k up to allow a driver to do his job…never identified himself…then wants to arrest the person who was assaulted because he defended himself against a crazy ass driver to his knowledge…..when y’all finishing y’all in arms about injustice in the states when these thugs want to act like they above the law here in st Lucia…A******

      • SMH, you must be a bus driver. Check how every body else here express their opinion without insults. You write just like most of you bus drivers dress to provide a public service. Your post resembles the disrespect that you all show to passengers and drivers on the road. Your choice of words is as low class as your behaviour on the road and stands everyday. Your logic is as irrational as you all behaviour everyday on the road and bus stands. The problem with minibus driving is that any fool over 21 years with a drivers license and a route ban can become a minibus driver. No intelligence or skill needed.

  6. So because 1 of you all bus drivers got arrested the poor ppl with no ride have to pay. What the ppl have to do with this. The government should of send govenment coasters to ply the v-fort route for a whole week in you MC. You all bus drivers want to talk about the police this and the police that. Take a look at how you all treat thr public some of you all even hit passengers. Smh. The government should find a way to suspend all of you bus drivers for a week and send govenment buses to assist the public.

  7. Glad to hear that the Comisioner of Police has called for an investigation into this incident. We have had our load of police brutality abroad and in our country. You dont have to come out of your car in your civilian clothes branding an M15 in your hand,and charge a mini bus driver in his bus stand. You going to shoot the driver? you going hunting big game? You looking more like an a s hole to me, This is not the way to intervene in a trafic incident.But hey let the judge decide.

    • CASTRIES FISHERMAN< when will you stop posting nonsense. You should try being another area fisherman to see if you will grab some more sense.

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