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Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am

Vieux Fort Bus Drivers Strike After Incident Between Colleague And Police

Vieux Fort bus drivers Wednesday afternoon staged a strike after an incident in which they say a colleague of their ‘defended’ himself after a police officer in plain clothes ‘rushed’ him.

Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, has issued a statement  to St Lucia Times on the matter.

According to driver Amorson Dilsuk, a bus driver was attempting to join the queue while a motor car was passing at the same time.

“He asked the car to move back so the  bus can go to the queue but the car refused,” Dilsuk told St Lucia Times.

According to Dilsuk, the car was being driven by a police officer who was not in uniform.

But he explained that the bus driver was not aware that the man is an officer.

Dilsuk said words were exchanged between the two.

He recalled that the officer came out of his vehicle and ‘rushed’ to the bus driver who ‘defended’ himself, upon which another officer intervened and arrested the bus driver.

Dilsuk said other drivers went to the CID office in relation to the incident and were directed to the office of the Commissioner of Police, where they were told that the bus driver who was arrested would be released.

But he indicated that until their colleague is released, the drivers will continue to withhold their services.

Parked buses

Another bus driver who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity denied that the Vieux Fort bus drivers are on strike.

According to that driver, because of the lengthy commute between Castries and Vieux Fort the drivers were taking a rest in order to rejuvenate.

He asserted, in tongue in cheek fashion, that the drivers, mindful of the safety and comfort of passengers, did not want to transport them when they are tired.

Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry in a statement to St Lucia Times said that from reports reaching him, there was an incident involving a police officer and a minibus driver on the Castries to Vieux Fort route.

Police Commissioner – Severin Moncherry

Moncherry said he could not disclose the details because the matter is under investigation.

He said the incident resulted in the bus driver being arrested by the police officer.

“Immediately thereafter the minibus drivers from the 2H put down their tools and decided that they were taking strike action,” the Police Chief disclosed.

He told St Lucia Times that a few of the drivers went to police headquarters and demanded to meet him.

“What I indicated to my Press Officer who was the one they asked to see me was that I was not prepared to met them under duress. I had no problem meeting with the executive of the association, but I was not going to do so under duress. If they wanted to see me they would have to go back to work and then we could have a discussion to see how we could deal with the matter,” Moncherry told St Lucia Times.

“The President spoke to them; they went back to work. I have since handed over the matter to Mr. Desir to deal with,” the Police Commissioner revealed.

He told St Lucia Times that the reason for that is that in the event there is found to be any breach of discipline by the police officer, he as Commissioner would have to deal with it.

Earlier this year a controversy erupted after a female police officer with a drawn firearm was shown in a viral video in a confrontation with a bus driver.

In announcing later that the matter had been resolved, Deputy Police Commissioner Milton Desir said at the time that except for CCTV that would cover everything that happens, other video recordings are sometimes ‘selective’.

“Persons would put out what they want people to see. But there are things that would have happened before, during, after – which we do not see. So we see one part and try to form a conclusion based on what we see,” Desir  had told St Lucia Times.



  1. That right to happen again the first incident “wangema” was taken rather than see someone being brought to justice. Now it happens again same thing will happen smf and it will continue till persons are dealt with accordingly. Reminds me of when Obama tried a quick fix on the racism issue by happen the guys at the white house to discuss over a beer. Again that was “wangema” and it fixed nothing now see how many other lives lost after that.

    • Because he is a police no body can’t talk to him..just a little space so the bus could rope in the jackass stay the same place because he is a police .

  2. Something is happening in this country that is just not right. Our people are becoming restless, agitated, and very confrontational for whatever reason. This is not healthy. Now any simple issue certain actions are taken abiteraly as for example “ bus strike” and more recently Teachers walking out of School leaving School Children without supervision as a form of Industarial action. This is worrisome and is cause for concern. The question is why are people so restless, agitated and seemed to be at a point of an eminent Volcanic Erruption. As a Law abiding Citizen I am very, very, concern and so should you my People.

  3. The article said that the bus driver didn’t know that the driver of the car was a policeman. Does that give the bus driver the right to do what they want with other drivers. I’m sure the policeman was annoyed because the bus driver was blocking traffic. Sometimes those bus drivers only want to inconvenience other drivers but not themselves. Sometimes they can go turn their vehicles somewhere and comeback but they want to block traffic to suit them.

  4. please bus drivers , it is time they regulate you all hazardous ignorant drivers . that good to happen because you all bus drivers like to play like you all own the road and when things happen fast to cry . good job mr officer may the ignorance of them bounce back 10 times worst ,, strike for shate you fools ,,, they should take you all route band for depriving people transport for shate .

  5. These drivers can be totally disrespectful can never tell what happened.On the other hand we have some hott officers in the force…

  6. Wow, st. Lucia’s police department is mimicking the responses of the many police incidents happening in the U.S.

  7. Hope that our police officers are dehaiving in a profesional manner, and no fault is found in that matter; if not we don’t need these bad eggs in the police force! let the public know that they have to dicipline themselves also, act like responsible people not like animals!

  8. Police or not plain clothes or not, I think the issue is bigger than that. This is not a police issue but rather one of self restraint. Our general citinerary are to hyper, too rorocious and too savage towards each other..something that could have been resolved soon easy didn’t have to result in that type of hallaykasay

  9. This type of situation has always been part of the culture of cops on the island. Everyone should know this is nothing new. Cops slapping grown folks in the FACE that in some cases could be their father. Cops are trained on all the Caribbean island to pushback instead of deescalating the problem. Very few have some form of curtesy. And need to have some form of phycological evaluation on how to defuse situation. They are to quick to react in most cases. I am so sorry this happened but hopefully this can create some of dialogue, that can eventually bring some form of change. God Bless

  10. Being a policeman gives you no right to come out of your vehicle and charge or go after another driver.The day you charge a licensed gun owner,that day you die,if you are not wearing a uniform.You are supposed to know the rules,and dont get stupid emotional for a silly mistake by another driver,hes not targeting your ego he just made a silly mistake.

  11. Keema the day a police man abuses your rights ,then you will learn,what this world is all about,dont call us to help you,just take a seat in your own shite.

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