Vieux Fort Farmer In Distress After Thieves Steal Most Of His Goats

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Police are investigating a report that a Vieux Fort livestock farmer lost most of his goats to thieves.

Dyson Plummer says thieves made off with six female goats that had recently given birth and two pregnant animals.

Plummer told St Lucia Times that he believes the thieves were monitoring him.

As a result, on Saturday evening when he left his Black Bay residence where his farm is also located, Plummer feels the bandits took advantage of the few hours that he was away to remove the animals.

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Plummer recalled leaving his home about 6.00 pm and returning after 9.00 pm.

He explained that he lives in an area where there are not too many people.

“They took all the mother goats and leave all the small ones for me,” he lamented.

“All the young ones are without mothers,” Plummer stated.

He said now, he has to nurse the kids that the thieves left behind.

“Extra work for me,” he told St Lucia Times.

“If I came and I met them in my pen, I would hope the state would not tell me that I used extra force,” Plummer said in regard to the thieves.

He told St Lucia Times that he now has left only two female animals and some ten kids.

And Plummer disclosed that the theft of his animals was a major setback.




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