Saturday, October 19, 2019

Vieux Fort fisherman killed in fight over fish

An apparent fight over fish has left one Vieux Fort fisherman dead.

The incident occurred at the Vieux Fort Fisheries Complex around 2:00pm on Saturday.

The dead man has been identified as Kurt Poyotte also known as “Bun-fere” from La Tourney, Vieux Fort.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Poyotte, who was armed with a cutlass, was engaged in a fight with another fishermen over fish.

The other fisherman reportedly threw a knife at Poyotte, striking him in the neck.  Video footage obtained by St Lucia Times shows Poyotte, wearing a blue t-shirt and cargo shorts, laying on the ground with a pool of blood around his head.

Onlookers can be heard questioning whether he was still alive.

Poyotte died on the scene. Police are investigating the incident.


  1. Can you imagine the simple things persons or people get killed for; if someone steps on your toes although they were the ones who did the mistake you the injured one has to apologise,,. Persons shoot at others because they have the power to fire the gun, persons walk with knives and cutlasses because our laws are not enforced , the government continues to compromise in every area of their department. Staff cannot be trusted they do not think of our children nor theirs both sides suffer The question is are we allowing the evil take over our country to rule over our lives. What exactly
    is wrong with our people of St. Lucia
    Maybe it is time we do right by giving God what is due to him prayers, gospel music Christian music something that will cool our minds the music played is filled with too much hatred and most times not understood. Please put some love in the centre the word out there is HELP, HELP, HELP we are losing ground, So many persons are wonders what would make a person get killed over fish . Look around almost everyone is angry Lord put a hand for our Island St. Lucia.

    • Wow. A man is dead and you are complaining about a minor spelling error. What a world we live in.

    • Jackass, how many university degrees have you? All Spelling in social media is: relative! One maybe sending a message that others may not know of.

    • seriously,keep your corrections for your future correction police job and show some respect and decency for the loss of life.

  2. R.i.p Banfere you were good to ppl especially wen it came to business. It came as a shock but Rest in peace.

  3. R.i.p bunfair..ur gf is nt taking it lightly but were comforting her n helping her go through this tradegy..

  4. “There are many fishes in the sea”, yet you kill a fellow man over a dead one on land…or is it just a principle?

    • Is there a balance when he himself was armed with a machete?in the law eyes they both were in possession of tools of their trade…in my eyes this is a part of st.lucian ignorance especially the non/less educated must know when and how to difuse themselves away from conflicts….in this situation it’s a clear case of (SA KI MORR NI TORR)let’s hope it wasn’t a tuna because obviously the survivor end up with the fish….funny eh lucians but look how cheap we endanger our lives and freedom for or is it simply a black mentality.

  5. St Lucia slow your roll! Please don’t become like us here in Trinidad ….You guys live in paradise!

  6. He reap what he sow, not feeling sorry for him, this dead man disrespected my friend and i so bad last sunday, and it aint even have a week and check what happen to him, dead as a Fish, if he was a nice person that wouldn’t happen to him, now his with his father the Devil, like I told him , but still R I P

    • @Swamid your comment is disgusting…it’s comments and views like that that make international visitors like me not wanting to come and visit St Lucia. Evil minded that’s what you are!

      • Nobody ask for you to come visit St. Lucia. Stay where you are with your simpleminded ignorance. You don’t know the entire story (and can’t spell correctly it looks like) and you want to judge someone else who seems to have a closer attachment to the story than you? Keep your little $200 US and to pay your section 8 rent.

    • He got what he looked for. This guy was a terrorist. Once you don’t buy his fish he starts to curse and insult you. Very unruly individual. Can’t say im sorry. Thats the life he choose .If you haven’t experienced him then keep your mouth shut . I said what i said.

      • Very disrespectful individual!!!!!was on vacation just because I didn’t buy his fish he insult me. F……get what he deserved. Hope they don’t charged the other individual.

  7. So sad to lose your life like this. We really need to learn not to react out of anger. Throwing a knife at somebody now look the man is dead I’m sure now that you’ve calmed down you realize what a foolish idea it was. R.I.P to the lost one!!

    • He was on the attack with a cutlass by the decease and threw the knife as his only defence to allow sometime to escape.

  8. We are so Hypocritical in this country, I look at this situation as one where another individual defended himself, the reports state banfair was armed with a cutlass, so am i suppose to stand here and wait to be harmed by him and not defend ones self. Both parties should have found amicable ways to handle the situation.

  9. All this killings and fight over vanity over shadow the island with evil,darkness and curses, sweet Helen of the west now the wile west , the scripture said any one who kill should be killed or remove from amoung people to avoid the some thing to be repeated, some people are to be remove like jazebel seed .

    • I swear it’s ppl like you that cannot properly read and spell…though your phone supposingly has spell check,when you get in the heat of the moment y’all don’t know how to make an amicable decision….you are so judgemental!actually it wasn’t over vanity it was over their bread.

  10. This guy looked for his death. Had the other guy not taken a piece of wood to block a cutlass strike to his head he would have been the dead one. The victim, yes the victim kept on running away from this idiot who was armed with a cutlass. Tried all he could to run away but the idiot pursued him even after a firearm was discharged by a licensed firearm holder in an attempt to defuse the situation. Finally the victim, in trying to fend off the enraged fool, sent the knife which he used to clean his fish at him. Knife stuck in neck and idiot dead in minutes. The very victim that idiot was attempting to kill was the one who immediately took off his T-shirt and tried to stop the bleeding. So you reader be the judge. Not one of many bystanders blamed that victim. They all agreed that his actions saved his life. I hope justice prevails in this matter. As we sometimes say – the deceased looked for it. A case of modern day David and Goliath.

  11. There was no fighting here but quarreling… One man chose to walk away… The other(deceased) approach the knife thrower with a cutlass… Ask yourself what would u do… If u see someone running at you with a cutlass…

  12. Profound condolences to the family of the deceased. The people who witnessed the incident all seem to think that this was a clear case of self defence. The ‘knife thrower’, according to the eyewitnesses did everything to avoid a physical confrontation with the deceased. He had to throw the knife in a last ditch effort to preserve his own life. This might sound harsh but life has a way of giving us exactly what we deserve. I believe in karma. Whatever we do boomerangs right back at us. We have to learn to settle our disputes and differences in an amicable manner. Being overly aggressive and hostile can cost us our lives.

  13. Normally I take any homicide really hard thinking of the relatives and all. This time around I believe he got what he deserved. Those who do not know can’t share but I personally experienced the deceased terrorizing ways.

    I used to buy fish at the fisheries and had to stop because of him . I actually bought from him a time or two and the one time I bought from someone else he insulted me and from then on made my life so miserable that I stopped going to the fisheries completely. After a time I started going again and realised he was not around. A fisherman told me he was in jail. I was so relieved.

    I do not condone violence of any kind but I believe that was self defense and if the person did not defend himself he would have been the one dead today.

    The grave he planned for the other, he fell in it himself. Can’t say I’m sorry.

  14. From reading alot the comments it seems alot of people had bad situations with the deceased however that doesnt mean should rejoice in his demise.If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all dont speak ill of the dead

  15. Oh well said Anon! This is a loss of life, our ultimate gift, not a loss of a wallet. We need to place a greater value on life in Saint Lucia, other wise there will only be an escalation to this terrible blood shed.

  16. The Bible says the foolish man dies before his time. It’s better to be a coward than to die foolishly! Question was that fight really over fish?

  17. Most of you are plain ignorant and stupid. Every where have crime. Most of you dont know the story . He persued the guy with a cutlass. The guy was actually walking away from him. That right. Someone running away from u and u still going at him with ur cutlass. He defended himself and now he is the bad guy. Lucians sicken me. He got what he deserved. Who cares. Obviously his family and gf will always say he is a nice guy. Now come for me for me to curse urll all on urll dead family members. This was self defence. The guy who survived was actually running away fr him and he persued him non the less.

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