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Updated on July 9, 2020 3:51 am
Updated on July 9, 2020 3:51 am
Updated on July 9, 2020 3:51 am

Vieux Fort Man Dead After Being Shot With Spear Gun

A Vieux Fort man succumbed Wednesday night after being shot with a spear gun last month, the police Press Office has reported.

The Press Office identified the deceased as Stephen Octave.

One male suspect is currently in custody in connection with the homicide, the office said in a statement.

It was reported that Octave was shot in the face on June 30, 2019.

A relative told St Lucia Times the deceased would have been 25 years old on July 17, 2019.

According to the relative Octave was attacked at Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

The relative reported that the alleged assailant had attacked the deceased on previous occasions.

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  1. With a spear gun? That killer doesn’t know how much a life is worth… He needs to be tortured and made an example of… I remembered the time when badmun were executed like it was genocide more than a decade ago, I blv

    • It’s funny how you judgmental ppl decide to persecute someone eh.. were you there when he assaulted the girl? We’re you there when he was harassing the boy, but yet still url as if u know the whole story. You don’t know anything don’t judge. Your too hypocrite in St Lucia…Stupidness

      • We you there though? If you’re so quick to claim 2 sides to every story what is the other side to the alleged rape? Where is your proof.

      • The boy didn’t rape anybody stop lying on the boy…they already kill the boy innocently for nothing …jus let him be…stop spreading lies jealousy i tell u causing ppl to do anything…Stephen will get justice…the world is a wicked world…r.I.p

  2. Typical St. Lucians its like they always forget there’s two sides to a story. Its a pity that he died but he wasn’t completely innocent. The whole community knows what he did even though his mother will say otherwise. They’re always “good boys” after they die.

  3. And it wasn’t ob the 13th of june it was tje 30th of june that day had first communion in vieux please get the facts accurate before publishing

  4. All of urll need to shut urll dirty *****. Stephen wouldn’t hurt a fly. And all the reports in the station says otherwise. Urll need to know urll facts . Everybody knows Stephen was somebody who didn’t trouble ppl. Coming n talk about rape? Always looking for justification for ppl. But God doesn’t sleep. This guy needs to suffer for what he did to Stephen. Hell. Smh 😴😈

  5. No comment from the Criminal Human Rights lawyers .if was the police Who Committed this act all Hell would be Broken against the police .

    • Joe Schmoe… You do know for a fact that there are people grieving because of this outcome right? It pisses me off when in spite of the magnitude of grief that many people are experiencing at this time that you would be so insensitive that would would make such a statement ah youre only there for the comments like that’s a joke or some form of entertainment?!!!!

      That’s the problem with you kinds of people…So quick to look at the mishaps of others in a light-hearted, amusing manner but when it’s y’all turn, if it was your family experiencing such a loss, it would have been a completely different story huh!

      I am straight out disgusted by your comment! It just shows how heartless the world become!

      And yes go ahead try to respond by becoming defensive to a statement that you’re know I’m right about with some half-hearted response to somewhat deflect the blow; perhaps even by swearing… whatever you do don’t bother me and won’t bother me

      I just know and I stand by my statement that your comment was uncalled for and disgusting…this is not the time nor the place to say “sah show” like that’s a joke or entertainment!

      SMH UH GASA AT SOME LUCIANS AT TIMES UH..If it’s a close relative or friend that that happen to Yo Paka Di UhYeh #Hipocrites!

  6. Regardless of what he did that wasn’t called for. There seems to be no more concern in our country about crime anymore. I knew Stephen very well and he was such a peaceful person. Always had a smile. Now this is how I knew him and I’m not going to take sides. But he was a human being not a fish. It saddens me to see how some people can think he deserved to die like that not thinking of their lives ahead. God is not asleep. And we let the devil take over our minds and our tongues I pity those who rejoiced about this. Which means you would accept this kind of death for yourself. Don’t rejoice just yet our doorsteps are never safe. We need to stop supporting people who do these things.

  7. There is to much violence in the island everything is so chaotic the government is corrupt to the core stealing the peoples money to fund private sector projects a golf course private sector workers are being exploited earn ing less than 10 hundred dollars a month to take care of themselves and their families … It is the government and the capitalist system that is responsible for the crimes that are committed in the slums and the ghettos where poor people live in squalor and poverty

  8. So that’s 21 murders for the year so far…. i thought it would be a more peaceful year but it looks unlikely now

  9. St. Lucian government is a joke. As a matter of fact there is no law. Those in do what they want, when they want, and how they want it, God forbid.

  10. Bible in a Year
    July 05
    New Testament Verse of the Day:
    Then each of you will control his own body and live in holiness and honor.
    –1 Thessalonians 4:4

  11. Better reporting please!
    -the alleged assailant had attacked the deceased on previous occasions-
    This is a shell of a report. What action had the deceased taken? How did he retaliate? Had the law responded?

  12. It’s funny how when someone dies, all sorts of stories are made up about that person because they’re not alive to defend themselves…

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