Vieux Fort Man Hospitalised After Dog Attack

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On Friday, residents say three dogs, including a pit bull, attacked a Vieux Fort man known as ‘Frenchman’ leaving him nursing multiple bite wounds.

Emergency personnel from the Vieux Fort fire station responded after receiving a call for help around 5:10 pm and transported the 69-year old victim to St Jude Hospital in stable condition.

Officials said the man sustained bites to the arms and legs due to the Grace, Vieux Fort incident.

According to reports from the community, “Frenchman’ was walking along the road when two ‘mongrels’ on the loose attacked him.

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A relative of the victim told St Lucia Times that the pit bull, in a yard without a fence, managed to free itself from its tether and joined in the attack.

The relative said neighbours then came to ‘Frenchman’s’ rescue, after which an ambulance took him to the hospital.

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  1. Yes this nonsence have to stop. I live in the North a housing scheme and there is this neighbour whose dog is always loose coming on other neighbours property to do number 1 and 2 this woman and her daughter sees the dog and never calls it.
    One day I’m out carrying my dog and the dog actually jumping scratching me to attack my dog I’m holding on me, the daughter saw that and never made an attempt to call the dog, only when i chase it and said I will drop a stone on it’s head that’s when she now saying on my dog the de road and mad or what.
    These ppl have dogs and don’t care or protect ppl from these vicious dogs. The man family should charge the owners.

  2. Sorry to read about the poor man’s horrific experience. Too many people keep dogs at the expense of their neighbors quality of life. When one makes a decision to keep an aggressive dog like a bulldog, it is a huge responsibility fraught with danger. I hope everything eventually turns out okay for the poor guy.
    St. Lucia has a bad reputation for stray dogs. I remember Peterson, the former mayor of Castries, took a stab at fixing the problem. He was always going to swim upstream because most owners don’t give a sh*t about their pets.

  3. I own a 100lb Pitbull mastiff mix, I walk him leashed and muzzled. He’s socialized and friendly to children. Dog owners please be responsible , train, spay, neuter or properly contain your dog. I support a program to remove stray dogs from our communities .

  4. Charge the owners of the dogs for assault, this nonsense has to stop. Lucians own dogs but have them loose, most of the time these dogs are aggressive. What if it was a little child walking at the time, he or she could’ve be mauled to death. A plea to the authorities, please do something about this, it’s really bad in st lucia and charge anyone who has their dog loose on the public streets that rush or try to bite people. Please make an example of these dogs especially the owner of that pitbull.

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