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Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am

Vieux Fort North MP Blasts Government Over Stimulus Project

Declaring that the Allen Chastanet administration is vindictive and shameless, Vieux Fort North MP Moses ‘Musa’ Jn Baptiste has strongly criticised them for abruptly stopping the STEP (Stimulus) programme for some in his constituency.

Jn Baptiste made the comments  in a post on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“Thursday 12th 2019 will be remembered for a blatant act of victimization by the UWP,” he declared.

According to Jn Baptiste, Individuals who working in the STEP or Stimulus were asked to stop work earlier that day.

” It was discovered that the order came from the Chairperson of the Vieux Fort North Council, who in turn has indicated that the order to stop work came from high up in the government,” the MP stated.

He observed that interestingly, a new group of workers have started work.

He disclosed that many claimed that the UWP’s losing candidates reported to their Party that too many “Labour – looking” people were working.

Jn Baptiste said he has demanded that the people be paid in full.

“How vindictive, heartless and insensitive. More on this developing story soon,” he asserted.


  1. Another stupid politician completely deficient on the means of creating sustainable employment for his constituents. STEP was not designed to provide people with a livelihood. It is short term. Perhaps you may wish to consider providing the government with job creation ideas from which your constituents will derive long term benefits. By all means do stop the nonsensical comments.

  2. If you guys are not accepting comments critical of stupid statements made by SLP members, do state so clearly.

  3. Im glad to see all these people cleaning and cutting grass,all over the island.I know they will enjoy the money for Christmas and New Year.Call it what you whant but to many need something these days and they aint getting it,from our bussines men.

  4. Nothing new brother Musa. In 2012, I recalled precisely the the supervisor of a STEP crew in Ciceron refused to cut the grass in my area because the Minister ‘s brother told her the UWP were living. Hacks.. Candidates..and Ministers have divided and will destroy this country.

    • Ministers and candidates are not the ones who divided this country. There are only 34 candidates while there are over 70,000 voters. Stupid voters are the ones who put them in power and are responsible for the corruption.

  5. Why are they suprise realist such as myself are never suprise by the actions of the United Worthless Party this part of their Code of Conduct when it comes to poor people it’s inbeded in their vindictive constitution and DNA .

    • Musa want to talk about being vindictive? How about paving the road in Vigier (strong Slp supporters) but not fixing the road in Cacao Pierrot because the people support UWP. Buses don’t even go in there because of the road condition.Lucian Highgrade man stop being a biased prick.

  6. Mussa look who’s talking what a shame the shoe on the on the other foot.Mussa I would inform you that don’t forget you would give only one set of people work in grace.And don’t forget their had people on step that never worked in step.So stop blowing your trumpet.People has a brain stop stop please brainwashing people.You can play your roll well when you on the opposite side.You will stay there for a long time.

  7. Musa when SLP did step the supervisor gave her family jobs. Her cousins would take days off their employment to skylarks whilst poor unemployed persons were refused work. Your secretary is the cousin of the then supervisor. It’s commendable that family should come first however most workers were from that one family. Secondly where are our playing fields? Thirdly what have you done to improve the infrastructures in our constituency? I voted for you for hope and besides marbles, I have seen no positive change.

    • And therein lies the problem in this country. For most people in this country a little rule breaking is fine. NEPOTISM is wrong at any measure. Politicians are a reflection of their constituents.

  8. All the parties do the same thing. I have been involved in several campaigns in the USA and the Caribbean, and the one common thing with the ruling party is keeping their supporters happy. However, all citizens should eat, and bypassing Opposition supporters property, is wrong. The salary money used to pay the workers, belongs to all the citizens.

  9. Any action, involving nepotism, victimization etc, is wrong and egregious, period. And all right thinking people should stand up and condemn this at all levels, irrespective of who else may have engaged in and benefited from this line of nefarious activities in the past.

    Such action has been shown to have some serious repercussions and backlash. Just take a brief look at our ccurrent society and all those corrupt political regimes worldwide. Strife, disenchantment among the youth, brain drain (more like chase), inefficiencies, disrespect among the population, corruption, mounting crime level that no police force can effectively manage etc, these are the results!

    Sadly, we’ve always had a bit of that in the early days but the Dr Kenny D. Anthony Administration of 1997 to 2006 brought it to a new height then, despite his campaign promises predicated on “NO P’s”, meaning that everyone would be treated equally for which he received overwhelming support, beyond anyone’s imagination. Sadly, one of our brightest, admired and most celebrated sons of the soil (or rather his Administration) failed us in that respect. Some even dubbed him, the Great Saviour. Today, just check what obtains in our society, with some people even attempting to justify this type of behaviour.

    We just CANNOT continue along this precipitous path!

  10. What if what Musa mentioned was factual, would it be worth it to even make a statement. What if it was in fact “too many “Labour – looking” people were working?” Would that not be an indictment on the way in which this initiative was set up in the first place? So its obvious now that STEP was set up as a political tool to employ supporters. Now that the shoe is on the other foot Musa and others will claim “vindictiveness,” “victimization.” They are not remembering what when on during their administration and the political tool that they implemented has now turned. Luckily enough Chastanet saw it prudent enough to just close down Radio St. Lucia because never again should it be allowed for disinformation be weaponized by a national radio station and used against political opponents. On a personal note I think that STEP should also be closed down.

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