Vieux Fort Police Seek Assailant In Viral Attack

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Vieux Fort police are seeking a known assailant in a viral attack that was recorded and posted on social media.

The victim is reported to have lodged a complaint with the police.

The attack occurred Friday about 3.15 pm on Clarke Street near the Vieux Fort square, according to eyewitnesses.

In one video posted on social media, a bare footed man who has his face partially obscured by a bandana, is recorded from behind hurtling with a wooden club towards his  intended target.

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The intended target, who is among a small group of pedestrians on the pavement, has his back towards the attacker.

The attacker, sporting a long sleeve shirt and khaki short pants, strikes his male victim on the  head with a resounding whack.

The victim falls to the ground whereupon the assailant continues to strike him with the club.

The sound of the blows and the animated voices of onlookers form the sound track of the video recording.

The victim, while still on the ground, manages  twice to hold on to the club.

But the attacker regains possession of the weapon on both occasions and continues punching the victim and striking him with the club before fleeing.

The incident occurs in full view of several onlookers.

The 39 second recording ends with the victim on the ground as he examines his blood stained hand which he has earlier put to his face.

Another video, which police believe is linked to the later attack, shows an altercation between two men who trade blows with each other.

It is believed that the wooden club attack was a continuation of the dispute earlier in the day.

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