Monday, February 24, 2020

Vieux Fort shooting victim dies

Vieux Fort shooting victim Mario Cobb has died, law enforcement officials have confirmed.
St Lucia Times was informed that Cobb succumbed to his injuries about 11:00 pm Saturday night.
According to an earlier police statement, on Monday, December 25, 2017, about 9:30 p.m. officers attached to the Special Services Unit, Vieux Fort, on patrol in Bruceville, responded to a report of a shooting at Bruceville, Vieux Fort.
Mario Cobb, a 22 year old resident of Bruceville, who was found lying on a foot path, having  sustained gunshot wounds to his neck and abdomen, the statement said.
It stated that the victim was transported to St Jude Hospital.


  1. Heart-felt sympathy to the family of the deceased. The suffering continues unabated. It is so overwhelming that the soul grows weary with discontentment. The body screams out for strength to carry on. A sense of paralysis has gripped this country as the relevant authorities seem unequipped to stem the bloodletting, rapes and other acts of unlawfulness.

  2. For those who are quick to say you must not blame the government on the issue of crime here is what the UWP said in its 2016 manifesto: “The government of the SLP has badly mishandled affairs concerning the security of our Country and the administration of justice,” (pg. 55 paragraph 1) . “The UWP believes that the security of its citizens is the most important responsibility of the state,” (pg. 55 paragraph 2). “A country where people are not safe in their communities, homes, in public places and where confidence in the institutions which administer justice is at an all time low, IS AN INDICTMENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY SINCE THAT GOVERNMENT MUST PROVIDE THE FRAMEWORK AND DEFINE THE AGENDA WITHIN WHICH THE SECURITY OF THE NATION IS ENSURE,” (pg. 55 paragraph 2).
    On that basis I conclude that the increase in crime and violence “is an indictment” against the government of the day – the UWP government.

      • Come on PAUL address the point made. Oh, but you still have some decency in that you stayed away from denying the facts. And by the way did you try reading it for yourself? Uhnnnnnn, I doubt.

    • So let me guess you’ll go on sno on slt dbs hts and all other news site and copy and paste this? ….the amount of useless time you have on your hands

    • Let’s face it during the SLP rien police was without the required resources
      Forensic lab closed
      No DPP
      No police radars functional
      Police boats on dry dock
      Dilapidated courts
      Justice system in shambles
      That is what they meant
      We the citizens ourselves are responsible for what is happening with this crime thing
      We know the culprits we harbour them
      We drink with them
      Can ant government stop crime
      What the can do is pur the necessary in place that’s what SLP never did

      • You are missing the point. I hope it is not deliberately. If I am to agree with you it therefore means that the UWP was misleading in the manifesto.

  3. I agree with Vibz …”authorities are unequipped.” The homicides/rapes/ruthlessness writing is on the wall….politics aside the truth is indeed the truth. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out…smh????

  4. God’ friend

    St Lucia sur I wonder if o want to back to my home sour bitter home. You have made at Lucia a grave yard. You all model on other countries. A person is more sacred or a created in God image. At Lucian’s I am fed up of your heartless attitude. You kill people even on Christmas day. That was the last thing I expect from my little island of light.

  5. Wow……….whether you believe it or not. I don’t care who is in power and whose not in power. People spend too much worshipping and praising humans that they forget God exist. The way I see people fighting for and against government it is so ridiculous. Why not change the strategy of your fighting. Start giving God thanks and praise for all the good He has done and begin to pray the devil out of your life, for others and the country. TRUTH IS TRUTH!!!The government may not live up to your expectations or the country’s expectations. Why don’t we pray for them to do better. Instead we get so ignorant and stupid and play the blame game. We blame the government for no jobs but you see so many vacancies around the place but people here wants to relax in a job and get paid….shooting here, killings there did the government raise the people? NO! I don’t like politics I have never voted, don’t think i will. THERE IS NOTHING GOD CANNOT FIX. GOD IS ALLOWING ALL THAT TO OPEN BECAUSE HE IS CALLING US TO DRAW TO HIM AND NOT MAN. GOD IS EVERYWHWRE AND HE CAN DO ANYTHING….POLITICIANS ARE NOT GOD. GOD IS GOD ALL BY HIM SELF CALL UP ON HIM NOT GOVERNMENT. SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND ALL THE REST WILL FALL IN LINE…..HAVE A BLESS AND LIFE CHANGING NEW YEAR 2018!!!!! GIVE YOURSELF A CHNACE TO LOVE TRUTH MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE.!!!!

    • Two years ago you were blaming government. Imagine you calling God and you lying. Where are the vacancies that are not being taken up. Please tell me because I know a lot of people looking for work. That’s partly what’s wrong in the country, people calling curse by calling God when they know they are lying.

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