Vincentian Police Welfare Chief Loses Job Over Vaccine Mandate

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KINGSTOWN, St Vincent (CMC) – Head of the Police Welfare Association in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Station Sergeant Brenton Smith has lost his job because of his refusal to comply with the Government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Police officers are among a wide cross-section of public sector workers deemed frontline employees who have been mandated to get vaccinated to continue in their jobs.

Smith, who has been a police officer for 27 years, did not comply and was informed that he was deemed to have resigned from his job as a police officer.

He, however, told CMC that he does not consider himself as having resigned.

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“I have been fired,” Smith said in a telephone interview, pointing out that the letter informing him of the decision was hand-delivered by a sergeant of police.

“I have to inform you that the Police Service Commission has noted that you, without reasonable excuse, failed to comply with Rule 5 of the Public Health (Public Bodies Special Measures) Rules 2021,” stated the December 8 correspondence signed by the Chief Personnel Officer Arlene Regisford-Sam and copied to the permanent secretary in the Ministry of National Security, the Commissioner of Police, the Director-General — Finance, the Accountant General, the Director of Audit, and the Comptroller, Inland Revenue Department.

The letter stated that as a result of Smith’s failure to comply with the rule, he had been absent from duty without leave since November 22.

“Accordingly, on behalf of the Police Service Commission, I have to inform you that you are deemed to have resigned your office with effect from December 7th, 2021, and have ceased to be an officer, in accordance with Section 73A of the Police Act, Chapter 391 of the Laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,” the notice continued. “On behalf of the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, I would like to thank you for the service you have rendered during your period of employment, and also to wish you success in the future.”

Smith told CMC he was not surprised to get the letter, as lower-ranked officers received similar letters from Commissioner of Police Colin John on Tuesday.

He revealed that about 13 people have received “dismissal” letters from the police chief as a result of the mandate and some officers are still awaiting responses to their applications for medical or religious exemptions.

Smith disclosed that he has seven days in which to appeal and he intends to do so.

“I think all of the persons who received letters, I would advise them as well to appeal it,” Smith said noting that the letter did not state anything about his benefits.

“I think the other letters from the commissioner’s level spoke of persons receiving their benefits. This one did not say anything about it. But I will say this again if the government thinks that they want my benefits more than I do, let them have it. I’ll fight, you know; I’ll fight because I still have a family, but at this time, I am not worried about benefits,” he shared.

“I am worried about the road that we are heading down as a country, as a police force. So, if my benefits are going to open the eyes of other persons, that’s what I want. Because it is never about Brenton Smith. It is never about me being individualistic, about how Vincentians are becoming these days. This is a broader issue than me and my benefits.”

The police officer told CMC that he is still unvaccinated and has no plans to get the jab in the future.

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  1. Genesis 3:19: By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made. …

    It didn’t say by the jook of a needle you will eat. That’s for all you hypocritical pretend Christians who support this nonsense.

  2. @Ant The only one looking ignorant or foolish is you. You are only regurgitating what the media has told you.

    Dr. Peter McCullough
    “The Vaccinated are now the Infected and are now more of a risk to the Unvaccinated “.

    Dr. Robert Malone
    ” This is now a Pandemic of the Vaccinated – the Unvaccinated are now at serious risk”

    Dr. Pierre Kory
    ” The Evidence is overwhelming – the Vaccinated are presenting a clear and present danger to the Unvaccinated”.

    Dr. Richard Amerling
    ” There is no question now that the Vaccinated are the clear majority of infected people and the Unvaccinated show strong robust immunity”.

  3. Something tells me that full scale upheavals will hit our societies throughout our region, and what we are seeing in St. Vincent is just the beginning of woes and sorrows! Seems we have to brace ourselves for a very, very rough landing!

  4. Look this gentleman should be reinstated, ralv do your work other someone else will crack your skull the next time… the man have his rights and should not be the subject of political tool… the vaccines is just a pure failure …. do not detour from the reality and facts!

  5. All these anti vaxxers are either ignorant or fools. All over the world their stupidity is killing people
    They are like a self absorbed circular firing squad sending e mail to each other thinking it confirms their primitive positions.
    Dumb and dumber are they all but killing some and maiming some people for life with long Covid.
    When these fools catch Covid those that are dying are wailing and pleading and begging to be vaccinated when it is too late. Their anti vaxing family and friends who aided in killing them then plead ignorance as they bury them 6 feet under.
    Frontline doctors have now lost all compassion for them and their primitive stupidity with 90%+ of patients being the unvaccinated.
    Utter fools.

    • I see you joined that cult and spew out that media crap huh. Front line doctors never lost patience with the obese, nor the crackheads, nor the alcoholics, nor those racing their cars up and down highways. Who exactly is their stupidity killing? Those who took these shots? Cultist of all people testing positing for covid less than 1% end up in hospital. Even less end up dying. And those dying have other health issues that would’ve likely killed them in short order. Never in your life you imagine you would be in a cult. Yet here you are.

  6. Law enforcement in the Caribbean may soon see the need to take a page from the military in the African continent.

    • IKR. The police can easily end this madness. After all they are the state’s enforces. They can mandate all they want but if there is no one to enforce it is like the emperor with no clothes. Brace yourselves SLU. It is already here. Don’t resign if you don’t want this. Later they will say you willingly left the job on your own accord. Make them fire you instead.

  7. I totally respect and agree with his decision.
    It is our right, our body, and our life.
    It’s time for evey to take a stand.
    International Human Rights observed and practiced.

  8. And this was about health? I urge everyone to read up on how ordinary Germans joined the cult of the third Reich. And listen to people who survived Auschwitz and other extermination camps to see how it unfolded. History is repeating itself. Very soon you jabbed up people will be asked to become spies of the state. To snitch on your neighbours who refuse to be part of this experiment who will be marched to extermination camps. But remember collaborators of that cult are still being hunted today. Make your decisions carefully. Tyranny never lasts.

  9. so then what is the point of having this “ALL HUMAN, ALL EQUAL” is this year’s chosen theme by the United Nations, in observance of the Human Rights Day 2021. This day is being observed in a world still ravaged by the deadly COVID 19 pandemic and other variants, resulting in erosion by human rights on a massive scale, with mandatory vaccines and loss of employment, coercive state of emergencies and other confinement measures deployed by Governments the world over. this is total discrimination fireing someone because they dont want to take a vaccine

    • First this is not a vaccine as is does not confer immunity. As far as it’s effectiveness of being a drug this is now being disputed as more and more people taking this are ending up in hospital. So mandating someone take something that doesn’t protect them in any way is beyond madness at this point.

      The UN and politicians are a bunch of hypocrites. You know in the same manner the most oppressive commie regime call themselves democratic like the Democratic People’s REpublic of Korea. Same thing.

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