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Updated on July 5, 2020 9:46 am

Violence Erupts Across US During Sixth Day Of Protests


BBC News:- Violence has erupted in cities across the US on the sixth night of protests sparked by the death in police custody of African-American George Floyd.

Curfews have been imposed in nearly 40 cities, but people have largely ignored them, leading to tense stand-offs.

Riot police clashed with protesters in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, firing tear gas and pepper bullets to try to disperse the crowds.

Police vehicles were set on fire and shops were looted in several cities.

The National Guard – the US reserve military force for domestic emergencies – said on Sunday that 5,000 of its personnel had been activated in 15 states and Washington, DC, where crowds once again gathered near the White House, this time lighting fires and throwing stones at riot officers.

“State and local law enforcement agencies remain responsible for security,” the National Guard added.

Police in Washington DC have fired tear gas at demonstrators who set fire to properties near the White House. They include a historic church, St John’s Episcopal Church, known as the church of the presidents, near the White House.

It has emerged that in Friday night’s unrest, President Donald Trump was briefly taken by the secret service into an underground bunker at the White House, for his safety.

The US is witnessing the most widespread racial turbulence and civil unrest since the violent backlash to the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968, says the BBC’s Nick Bryant.

More than 75 cities have seen protests, with streets only days ago deserted because of coronavirus, thronged with demonstrators marching shoulder to shoulder.

The Floyd case has reignited anger over police killings of black Americans. For many, the outrage also reflects years of frustration over socio-economic inequality and segregation, not least in Minneapolis itself, where George Floyd died.


  1. Things are destined to erupt as this incident was enrolled for all eyes to see in full motion across the globe this was to tragic the whole world viewed this murder therefor the whole world will form an uprising. To make certain that this this murdered victim gets justice and this racial preference undermining Africans wherever they are gets treated with respect and value like every other favored race.,

  2. When you have a racist Leader. What do you expect. We have the same kind of leader in St.Lucia calling us all kinds of Derogatory names. Trying to buy the POLICE with gift and bluff of a Police Headquarters so they can take his side when he starts his Dirty work. The Police should take warning of what happened in the USA. When the people have taken enough, are angry, fed up with nonsense, oppressed and sidelined in their own country by a FOREIGNER.

  3. St.Lucia government should reconsider reopening the borders, because all these protests will contribute to an increase or spike in transmissions.

    And protests are spreading across the world.

    In my opinion it might get worse, as people are reeling not only from the effects of racial discrimination BUT the impact of COVID . They may be looking to lash out at their government in general, fueled by pent up frustrations stemming from the effects COVID as well.

    Many of these protesters have other agendas and that is unfortunate as it takes the spotlight away from the real problem.

  4. Collin – chill and exhale, don’t try that crap in St.Lucia, ofcourse you do have a
    gripe,I understand but I want some of you to understand that you can’t duplicate
    what is happening in the Un-united states of america to that of St.Lucia. You are
    bitter and driven by local partisan politics; get a grip. What is happening is much
    too much for the most informed minds to handle.[it’s high spiritual wickedness ]
    Into that mix is Russia Vs. China – Power of the East Vs. the West, The military
    of the one type of warfare against the other worse the world have never dream
    of. question:- why is Covid-19? I better stop here – It’s the big boys at each one
    throat, so stay out of it. Thank God He placed you safely on a Rock, so suck it
    we complain too much – but wait when the ‘real’ international warfare starts you
    better find a hole to hide your sorry axx. Trump now knows trat he cannot win
    the election, so he will not go softly; because of his pride he is engaged with
    some (he thinks are friends) like four years ago, to do his dirty work again, but
    his so called friends [no friend of democracy] will screw him. He is tacking no
    chances, knowing he may lose, have decided to go out with a Bang and you
    haven’t seen anything yet, There’ll be chaos in that country like you’ve never
    seen before. Brothers & Sisters in St.Lucia, repent and pray to the Almighty Lord.

    • Based on your comments especially the 1st one, you are insulting black Americans by comparing what they have always been facing for years to what you believe is currently happening in St.Lucia.

      You are therefore trivializing it.

      Where in St.Lucia have ANY political leader (Yellow or Red) subjected the citizens to a what black Americans have been facing from days of slavery?

      St.Lucia has its issues granted, and some leaders have not dealt a fair hand BUT when it comes to racial issues NEVER compare America to a nation that has never experience racial tensions of that magnitude.

      You are insulting them.

  5. You do nolive in St.Lucia. You do not know one s*** that is happening here. You keep your dam mouth shut.

  6. SMH you do not live in St.Lucia. You did not see what happened outside the House a couple Tuesdays ago. We are going backward not forward. The last time that happened was in 1979. Maybe you to young to know. It was a peaceful demonstration and we got endless Teargas. Check your History. This has nothing to do with blacks in America

    • Collin you made a comparison in your 1st comment. You indirectly called the current leader of St.lucia racist and inadvertently compared the racism black Americans face to the “oppression” St.Lucians currently face by a foreigner. (because that is how Chatanet is normally referred to)

      I live in St.Lucia, and i know about 1979.

      And I would never compare past and present protests in St.Lucia to what has happened and is currently happening in the US. Because what is happening in the US is way beyond just police brutality. It is a race fighting to be recognized as equals after many years of oppression.

      You should check into another political leader in St.Lucia and who were his relatives if you want to tackle race and St.Lucia. If you want to talk about racism start there too. And I will say this, despite the linage this political leader NEVER subjected St.Lucia to anything racist.

      Cut St.Lucia and it past and present political leaders some slack. We are a small nation with flaws, but St.Lucian leaders no matter where they fall HAVE NEVER subjected their citizens to what black Americans continuously face.

  7. The Entire City had the Fumes of C/S for days in 1979 .That particular person was not Born as yet

  8. You are Dusty Rhodes. I can relate to that I am now 62 yrs. What happen two Tuesdays ago is a sign of things to come. Whenever that UWP Government is in power there is Tear Gas, Police Brutality, Numerous Ploice Killings you name it. Some just pretend to have a short memory.

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