Virgin Atlantic Announces Increased Flights To Barbados

Press Release:– Virgin Atlantic has announced an expanded flying operation out of Manchester Airport for Summer 2020, while Virgin Holidays has unveiled five brand new retail stores, offering increased choice for leisure customers travelling from the Manchester region and an immersive way for customers to book holidays.

Flights to Barbados from Manchester will increase from two times a week to three times a week for the whole of the summer season, offering an additional 10,000 seats

In September, the airline announced it would be adding 30,000 additional seats from the North West of England for Winter 2019.

Today’s announcement signals continued growth at its Northern base with an expanded summer schedule to Barbados. The increased capacity to Barbados will contribute to a total of 43,000 extra seats out of Manchester – an 11% capacity increase compared to Summer 2019.

Together with partners Virgin Connect (Europe’s largest regional airline, formerly Flybe) and Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic now offers more choice to passengers than ever before and the family of airlines will have more flights than any other airline at Manchester Airport. Together they will offer almost 800,000 long haul seats to popular destinations for Summer 2020.  

To complement the capacity growth, Virgin Holidays will be investing in five new retail stores, creating 28 jobs, and offering customers the opportunity to book their holiday in a fun, immersive atmosphere.

The stores, which are all scheduled to open this year, will be in Birmingham, Derby, Peterborough, Romford and Stoke-on-Trent.  The five new stores are in addition to seven already-scheduled openings in Canterbury, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and St Albans, all of which are on track to open before the end of the December.

Juha Jarvinen, EVP Commercial at Virgin Atlantic, commented: 

“Today’s announcement outlines the latest phase in our growth strategy at Manchester, our home in the North. In September we committed to 30,000 additional seats from Manchester for Winter 2019 and today, we are expanding on that with an extra 43,000 seats to key leisure destinations for Summer 2020, which is a clear sign of our ambition to offer increased choice to our customers travelling from the North West.  

“With a greater number of flights to some of our most popular destinations, alongside a brand new iconic Clubhouse scheduled to open next Spring, we’re confident our customers will be delighted by the Virgin Atlantic experience in Manchester.”

Hon. Kerrie Symmonds, Barbados’ Minister of Tourism & International Transport, said:

“We are pleased that our partner Virgin Atlantic has bought into our vision of increasing Barbados’ presence in northern England. We are heartened that Virgin is supportive of, Barbados’ further expansion into Ireland and Scotland, and our efforts to harness these behind the gateway markets to extend Barbados’ reach across the United Kingdom.

“The introduction of this additional flight in Summer 2020 helps to fill the traditional summer trough period and is the first step to Barbados having three weekly flights, year-round, from Manchester.”

Rach Wilton, Head of Retail at Virgin Holidays, said: 

“We’re delighted to continue to grow the Virgin Holidays experience for our customers with five further stores joining our expanding retail portfolio. We aim to create a truly immersive experience for our customers, which begins right at the point of booking. We want customers to be able to imagine themselves on their holiday from the moment they enter our stores by bringing the sights, sounds and tastes of their holiday to their home town.”

Last month, Virgin Atlantic announced it will be bringing its iconic Clubhouse lounge to Manchester for the first time from Spring 2020.

Upper Class customers and Gold Card members can take advantage of the exclusive space before their flight, which will include a la carte dining and a full-service bar, quiet working spaces and a spa, allowing passengers to relax and rejuvenate before they depart.


  1. GOOD LUCK VIRGIN U WILL NEED IT!! a few years ago i was travelling through different european countries with a group of friends, some were from the caribbean and some not. amazingly, when i mentioned i was from st lucia, most people found the island fascinating. the bajan was not gushed over, neither was the grenadian and jamaican. even my comrades from the region remarked they would love to visit. so screw off virgin. your increasing flights to barbados does not change the fact that you have lost a most profitable market here. never mind. BA has increased its flights.

  2. Virgin has a partner Barbados , what a joke .Crocodile tears when dealing with St Lucia Good luck Virgin,we dont need you ,and your dirty tricks

  3. Lol these comments have me laughing!!! If the St lucia market was profitable enough Virgin wouldnt have left plus you guys would have had a direct flight and not have to share flights with other islands!! Props to Virgin for boosting Barbados once again!!

    • So which airline route is profitable? We always shared flights with other islands. Just to say you have a direct flight? I had a direct flight from Virgin once, however it landed in Trinidad first so what are you really saying?

    • Shut the hell up! The time of sharing flights with barbados and taking a small plane to St. lucia is gone! Virgin for some stupid ill-conceived reason has made a bad business decision. the staff responsible will not be the first to bring down a company, stupid men have done this to successful businesses all over the world by simply making bad business decisions. this is one of them. and for your comment on Virgin and Barbados, just recall that the island is so profitable, BA has increased its flights here. It knows what Virgin has missed out on due to greed. I dont mind businesses making money thats why they in business but when you get too greedy and want my eye-balls, while tying my two hands, plus my pockets, all forking bets are off. I taking that fight to the grave. is either u left standing or I. either way, something has to give. Go old fool boast ugly Barbados as usual!!

  4. TRALLOP, these big airlines just don’t wake up and suddenly make these kind of decision, they would have had to studied the St. Lucian market and the demand for it from England at this point in time and the forseeable future. Yes I find all caribbean fascinating so don’t just single out St. Lucia only, all of this insularity and jealousy is what is keeping back the caribbean .

    • dont think that their decisionmaking so clearcut as u think. when u live and work in these places u realise its all smokes and mirrors. vigin is an ahse. thats y BA decided to dive in so fast! so dont think of any long term study without acknowleding ego.

  5. These lucians are talking about increased flights from BA. Is BA going to take Virgin’s slot in st lucia yearly or its just a mere winter increase?

  6. TRY ME, you talking nonsence you have to out perform Barbados in the British Market first before you can have Virgin committed to their. You speak of ugly Barbados, what a pity we tearing down each other so small island mentality. But most tourist dont come looking for mountains, they just want somewhere they can relax on a nice beach, and somewhere they can get around easy and have easy access to goods and services and proper health care.

    • what is your point? st lucia is now so awash with tourists our locals cant even cope with them. every little community now, even in rural areas have young americans coming in. so what stupidness u saying about mountains? i am glad we have mountains and pure air. i am black and i cant stand barbados sun, it feel like it hit you and seep into your skin to scorch u, so why tourists would flock there? st lucia is a far better looking island. well if we had visionary leaders our healthcare would be different. but yes on that point it is a mess. but u get the sick tourists so wat?

  7. TREY, despite how many tourist St. Lucia gets, it is not as much as we get here in Barbados, So again what is your point? Tourist flock to an island for more that just sun, my jealous friend. This awash with tourist is something you aint used to so it seems awash to you, but it is something Barbados been having for years. When you beat us in tourist arrivals let me know, until then shut up.

  8. TREY, if the place was awash with tourist as you saying then one would think that Virgin would have increase the flights and not cancel them, so stop trying to convince yourself, To me Grenada is more beautiful that yours.

    • Quite your petty arguments already, you come across as foolish. Also, your pathetic attempt at dividing us with Grenada is just that, pathetic… Both surpass the sh*t hole you live on anyday. St Lucia’s US figures already puts yours to shame, the rest is just a matter of time.

  9. I AM A DUNCE aka TREY all you getting are those cheap american tourist that are not spending any money, and you got those tourist only because of the misfortune of the Bahamas where those tourist would have gone were it not for the storm. As for dividing you, i frequently read your newspapers and the feeling I get is that you feel like you are better than the rest of the OECS islands at your low level but i prefer St. Vincent or Grenada to your run down, Crime ridden, urine smelling City any day. You have casino gambling which we don’t but our numbers still are better than yours so what does that tell you, you have selling passports aka citizenship by investment and we don’t but numbers still better. And let me leave you this to ponder, you will never reach our level of arrivals, if you ever get to our current level some day I am sure we will be long past that. Those people at Virgin knows those number are not sustainable that is why they made their decision. I suspect your government would have to subsidize those planes to get them fly there. Stop the petty small island jealousy, You started this whole thing by insulting my country who did not do you anything nor did its people. The St. Lucian Police band recently visited Barbados and they put on a good show which the crowd loved including myself. So stop it please.

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