Virgin Atlantic Comes To Saint Lucia With New Seasonal Winter Service From UK

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Press Release:-  Today, Virgin Atlantic touched down in St Lucia celebrating its new service from London Heathrow.  

 The new service is operating three times a week, on the airline’s A330-300 aircraft boasting 31 Upper Class, 48 Premium and 185 Economy Delight, Classic and Light seats. Flights start from£462per person. 

 For those customers looking to treat themselves, Upper Class offers fully flat beds and an onboard bar to enjoy dinner and drinks with friends or networking with colleagues.

Premium customers can relax in their luxurious leather armchair with its 38” seat pitch and enjoy priority boarding and welcome drinks. No matter what cabin customers choose to fly, everyone can enjoy complimentary food and beverages, over 300 hours of entertainment and a warm welcome from Virgin Atlantic’s iconic cabin crew.  

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  The new services to London Heathrow airport will provide travellers from St Lucia with a direct link to the UK’s iconic capital city, alongside seamless connections onto Virgin Atlantic network via London Heathrow. The new route complements Virgin Atlantic’s recently launched Bahamas to Heathrow service, as well as St Vincent and the Grenadines to London Heathrow. 

 Hannah Swift, Country Manager, Caribbean at Virgin Atlantic commented: “We couldn’t be more excited to launch our flight from St Lucia to London Heathrow with our new thrice weekly service, as we continue to expand our services from the Caribbean to the UK.  

  “We’re currently flying to the UK from Barbados, Bahamas, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, Antigua and Grenada and expect to restart Tobago and Havana, Cuba in the upcoming months.  

  “We are incredibly excited to welcome customers onboard as they fly off on holiday or travel to visit loved ones.” 

 Minister for Tourism, Hon. Dr Ernest Hilaire said: “It was a thrill to see the red and white livery of Virgin flying in once again. We want to thank Virgin Atlantic for their commitment to Saint Lucia and the region and look forward to welcoming new and returning passengers over the winter season.” 

 Virgin Atlantic continues to ensure that customers have peace of mind at the airport and when taking to the skies, following its implementation of comprehensive health and safety measures.

These include enhanced and thoroughcleaning practices at check in, boarding gates and onboard including the use of electrostatic spraying of high-grade disinfectant in all cabins and lavatories before every flight, ensuring no surface is left untouched.

Safe distancing is also adhered to wherever possible, and mask wearing is required throughout the journey. All customers are provided with a personal Health Pack for their health and safety, which contain medical grade face masks to be worn onboard, surface wipes and hand gel. 

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Owen although you made some salient points but you got somethings wrong. Virgin wanted the government to pay over the top prices for them to fly into the St Lucia. This was rejected so they decided to pull out but soon realized that it was a bad move cause they lost their third highest income from the Caribbean. From last year they were in negotiations with the SLHTA to resume flying into St Lucia but again they wanted assurances that if the flights were not filled that the government would meet the surplus. As to what the final outcome of the negotiations are, I will not venture down that road. It is left to our Minister and his clonies Lorne and Thaddeus to let us know. I don’t think the timing is right given the state of the virus in the UK at present.

  2. Don’t get it twisted Prober, this is common practice whether AA, BA, VA etc. the economics permit the Govs of small destinations having to subsidize.

    My gripe is, that figure needs to be disclosed, don’t release the above to make it seem like this was the deal of the century.

    If you’ve negotiated on our behalf release the T&Cs better yet release the contract we are ENTITLED to be privy – that goes for all negotiations made on behalf of the people.

  3. Correct me if i am wrong wasn’t this the airline who wanted gov. to subsidize them for coming to Lucia. Imagine some 21M of tax payers must be dole out to secure passengers to come to Lucia, to spend time in a hotel who enjoy 15yrs tax exemption. Isn’t this robbery in broad daylight?

  4. Fantastic, beautiful I rather VA than BA.

    Not sure if I missed it but was the Minister of Tourism transparent by disclosing whether or not St Lucia is subsidizing VA’s resumption and if yes by how much.

    Come on guys you’ll campaigned on being transparent am not seeing too much or enough transparency!

  5. Right on MJones👊🏽 I hope St Lucia didn’t have to invest in Virgin for them to return after there horrid request of millions to keep flying to our beautiful island. I hope all luggages are sprayed properly b4 entering Lucian Conveyor Luggage belts ect… Like Emma said, strategically placed timing with new variants being thrown onto the public to coerce them into these PHoCking edigital passports and medical and fiscal id’ing… will continue! …Protect Yourself, EAT Right,Local .Fruits Vegtables…pure bloods anti vaxx or ….”.vaxxers….”Woi smh….

  6. The arrival of omicron on our shores is almost unavoidable. We can’t shut down to the world and shut down businesses. The virus will be around for a while. It is incumbent upon us to adhere to protocols and get vaccinated.

  7. Covid is here and Omicron will come. But we should really tell virgin to kiss our ass. Virgin left us high and dry a few years ago , now they realize we are a major hun in eastern Caribbean and they could pull down profits from the other islands the ran too now you’ll back. We should be charging them to operate here in SLU. Just my opinion

  8. Owen, you are so right but Lucians eh care about choosing the best people to put in office and people to make their lives better. Is who can brain wash them, give them empty promises, and 300 dollars to vote for them are the ones winning every time.

  9. Penny smart, pound foolish

    We were already doing record levels before this new government came into office. When they realise there would be nothing to show in their 1st 100 days they hastily approached Virgin offering millions in marketing/promotional and direct support to fly to St. Lucia.
    Why do you have to do this British Airways had already drastically increased the number of flights. Virgin, seeing the growth in our market and the profit potential would beg us to fly to St. Lucia. Secondly you don’t do these things in an uncertain economic environment. It looks like England might shut down again. What a waste, me na give no more gifts for Christmas don’t care what they say !!!!!!!!

    St. Lucian, you provide marketing support when an important route is not doing well or when you want to get tap into a new destination. People most of these ministers have never run a coffee shop before and never had to do a payroll from their own resources so what you expect. Remember education is not intelligence and not every educated people have common sense.

  10. Adhere to protocols.The world cant be stopped because of omnicron, when more variants will come.Learn to live with covid. Make the protocols your normal. Planes, trains, buses, cars, schools,businesses, etc must go on, for the world’s economy to go on.You cant stopped the world and then say fings are hard.Where will your govt or president get the money to feed you? Everyone need to be in one accord with protocols. This covid virus has been stragetically place. They already know which other variant is coming. Omnicron had to come in march 2022 as according to their list. No one can sit back and wait for things to get better cuz it wont. People esp anti vaxers are fighting a losing battle. This is the world order. God will protect his own.Mark 16:18.

  11. There are no cure for viruses. Stay away from crowed places. Eat and drink healthy to build up your immune system. Accept the Lord in your life and pray for his protection. Believe and you shall see the GLORY of the LORD. Do not put your trust in man. Put your trust in the Almighty GOD.

  12. Omicron is running rampant in th UK, so St Lucia welcome three more flights from the UK EACH WEEK. Does this make sense at all???

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