Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Viv Lawòz Manmay Wòz

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Press Release:– Members of the Lawòz society celebrate the feast of Saint Rose De Lima Fèt Lawòz today August 30th, 2021.

Lawòz Festival is held annually in observance of Saint Lucia’s rich cultural memory, history and heritage. The Flower Festival depicts a historical rivalry among communities whose members sing the virtues of their flowers.

Fèt Lawòz is the celebration of one of two “floral societies which expresses an exhaustive system of mock administration from a royal family to an army, police force, judiciary, health service, and education system,” (from The Flower Festivals of Saint Lucia, Hon. Msgr. Patrick A. B. Anthony) among others.

In Its usual form the groups from all over the island would converge in a selected community to celebrate the Gwan Fèt commencing with a church service, followed by the street parade and individual groups performance of the Lawòz ritual.

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This year, the CDF in consultation with the groups opted to engage in low keyed activities in light of the restrictions of Covid-19. Some of the groups have latched on to the use of the virtual space and have been releasing videos on social media resulting in a wider reach.   The spirits of the members and groups have not waned and it is very evident in the virtual recordings and interviews.

Some groups have had representatives on the Morning Brew on NTN and releases of videos on the CDF website and Facebook page, Calabash TV and the groups Facebook pages.  

Pa Menm Covid–19 Sa Ampéché Lawòz Bwiyé. 

The CDF and Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information wish all Lawòz groups, Lawòz enthusiasts, and Saint Lucians Bon Fèt Lawòz. 

(Story updated – Headline photo: Stock image courtesy Cultural Development Foundation)

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