Monday, December 9, 2019

Voyager Building Destroyed By Fire

The Voyager building on the William Peter Boulevard in Castries has been destroyed by fire, emergency officials say.

Deputy Fire Chief George Victorin told St Lucia Times that the Saint Lucia Fire Service received a call about the blaze at approximately 1:30 pm Thursday.

Victorin said units from the Castries, Babonneau and Gros Islet fire stations responded.

“Arriving on the scene we realised that the fire was well developed and access to the seat of the fire was difficult because it was in the interior of the building. We took quite a bit of time to get the fire under control,” he explained.

Victorin revealed that three hours later, firefighters were still on the scene.

He told St Lucia Times by that time, the fire had been brought under control and there was no danger of it spreading to adjacent buildings.

“The building was completely destroyed – the external walls are still standing, but  most of the roof has collapsed and most of the interior of wood is gone including the flooring,” the Deputy Fire Chief stated.

He said no injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Victorin praised the police, declaring that they did a “wonderful job” in controlling the crowd which converged near the fire scene.



  1. Bravo to the police. The fire service however, poor response time and seemed to have no plan of action. This could have been controlled within the first 30 minutes had things been done right. I am disappointed with the fire service response today. And only 1 day after complains from the public after elderly woman dies in accident.

    • A cathedral in France burnt in a major city with all resources and they did good enough here to say such. A lil house burning can’t stop in 30 mins easily you want this one Don by 30 mins. Response people thanks for the great job and we appreciate you all sadly some people will see only negative. Now we know we can always do better and improve so use the experience and see how it can be done better next time. But to control that blaze seen had to be a great job with a great plan.

      • Thanks Jack for your response some of us are quick to talk nonsense , great job to the firefighters and police officers.

  2. I saw most of the water being directed at the standing wals,that is control tactic.You let the center burn happily.Shame the cinema building but well it was lost anyway.

  3. This fire needs to be thoroughly investigated. I am betting my bottom dollar that tomorrow a brand new six story glass building goes up there, owned by a member of a particular group of people in the society. Lately they have been buying up downtown Castries .

  4. JAZZ – you said “Lately they have been buying up downtown Castries.”
    Brother, it’s not lately, if it’s the same group I’m thinking of, I’ll tell you, they have deep pockets.
    Deep connections abroad, they bring in finances that most St.Lucians can’t afford, so what else in new.
    Lucians are blinded to the glaring facts facing them: they rather fight among them selves, SLP this, UWP that.
    While you’re fighting ideology, people with the smarts plus the money, are buying you out and making you look stupid.


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