Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Wager Between Two Men Blamed For Suspected Drowning

A wager involving two men in the fishing village of Canaries led to the suspected drowning death of one of them, a relative of the deceased has disclosed.

According to the police, Robert Joseph, also known as “Jilien”, 52, reportedly went swimming near the jetty in Canaries, when he encountered difficulties returning to shore.

Members of the public assisted in bringing him ashore, where efforts were made to resuscitate him, but to no avail,  a police statement on the incident, which occurred about 3.15 p.m on Christmas Eve day, said.

However a relative of the deceased explained that according to information obtained from persons on the scene, Joseph had challenged another man to a swimming contest.

“They would have swam to a boat and then the bet was $100 each, so the winner would come away with two hundred bucks,” the relative told reporters.

“But as he got there, he touched the boat they were supposed to get to but when he stopped – they realised he stopped and then he proceeded again and then he went down the first time. He came back up and then he went down a second time – this time they realised after long enough that he was not going to return.”

According to the relative, it was then that others who had gathered to watch the contest went looking for the deceased and found the body.

Law enforcement sources have told St Lucia Times that they are aware of reports that the deceased had taken part in a wager.



  1. Two men competing or challenging each other call it like you want.Shame age played a big part here,because one had a heart problem,and that was the end for him.When you play these games its allways good to have a boat following close,specially when you are over 45 years old.

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