Waitrose Apologises For Selling ‘Racist’ Chocolate Ducklings

Sky News:- Waitrose has apologised for selling a dark chocolate Easter duckling that was labelled as “ugly” after suggestions it was racist.

The supermarket chain said it did not intend to “cause any offence” and it had replaced the £8 product with new labelling that removes the names.

Originally, the trio of Easter ducklings included milk and white chocolates called “crispy” and “fluffy” respectively, while the dark chocolate was labelled “ugly”.

One shopper, who posted a photo of the item online, said she overheard fellow customers saying “this is not right”, adding: “I agree, doesn’t look good at all. Thousands of other options…why ugly?”

However other people criticised those for suggesting the chocolate could be seen as racist, with one Twitter user saying: “If you want to fight real racism, please start with people, not innocent chocolate ducks.”


  1. Anyways. One thing still strikes me. Y cant the yellow or white ducks be called Ugly? It just has to be the Dark Choco ones. Smh deaux ban Mantez!

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