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Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am

Wanted Man Dies After Being Shot By Cops

Wanted fugitive Delyan Fontinelle  succumbed to gunshot wounds Sunday morning after being shot by the police, a senior law enforcement official has confirmed.

Fontinelle was wanted in connection with a string of offences, the police say.

A relative who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity admitted that Fontinelle did “a lot of bad things.”

According to the relative, they included arson and assault.

But the relative recalled that the deceased had not always been that way.

“He just changed,” St Lucia Times was informed.

The relative suggested that Fontinelle may have developed a mental problem.

A law enforcement official said that the deceased used to act as though he was demonised.

According to reports, Fontinelle kept eluding the police who were on the hunt for him in connection with a number of warrants for his arrest.

It was reported that police encountered him in a house where he was shot Sunday morning about 6.00 am.

The police reported that the deceased was armed at the time.

He sustained three gunshot wounds, was transported to a medical facility where he succumbed, a law enforcement official said.

The relative who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity disclosed that Fontinelle had three children.



  1. Hello this is lacking substance, he was armed officers….what as he armed with ??? Did he attempt to use what he was armed with??? The apprehension is good to know and you’ll did you’ll jobs but what’s the remaining concrete closure of the gaps in the report. The law is the law in truth as in offending it but the report in detail is lacking.

    • I agree this is poor reporting. Person’s assume that means he had a gun but that was not the weapon that he used… Anything can be perceived as a weapon so the reporters need to give us better info… What medical facility? The stadium?

  2. AKC He was armed with a pencil. Someone of you are so ,,,,,,,,argggg. When the police say armed and dangerous what do you think they mean

  3. Some of yawl just saying s***… Before yawl blame the ******* police ask someone who was actually on the scene… Ask the family who he asulted … Ask the ppl who’s home he destroyed with fire in choiseul .. ask the ppl her robbed.. ask the family who’s relatives he shot dead… Ask before saying that the police was wrong.

  4. No AKC the fugitive with many warrants was armed with two garlic heads and a lettuce

  5. All of your’ll that say why police kill him i have known delan for many years as a lil boy went to school together he was no good did not even finish school how many ppl has he killed and robbed even ppl he was close to now since he was killed by police its a issue now all rope has an end

  6. We know the story: foolish and lazy he became; so the good citizens of the land had no peace because of his foolish and lazy ways well, when you play with fire, you get burn, and so it was!
    Another good name went to waste!

  7. The fact that the police were effective and effficient in protecting this community speaks volumes of their policing. The community although grieved that the criminal was killed are not condemning their actions.
    This community and families have been horribly terrorized by this criminal and can now sleep peacefully. Kudos to the police.

  8. If was 6 police officers Murdered by Him on that day in Question I guess.A few persons would be Happy .Very good job officers .A few years ago an Spc lost His life in Soufriere by one who acting in the same way as Him .Continue the good job my police officers

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