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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm
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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm

Wanted Man Shot In Choiseul

Saint Lucia police opened fire Sunday morning injuring a man whom law enforcement say had several outstanding arrests warrants in his name.

The injured man was identified by a law enforcement official as Delyan Fontinelle.

A law enforcement official told St Lucia Times the wanted man was armed at the time he was shot Sunday morning about 6.00 am.

Fontinelle has been accused of a range of crimes including arson, wounding and damage to property, police say.

According to reports, the 27 year old was transported to a medical facility via ambulance.

He is said to have sustained three gunshot wounds.



  1. The system that is causing people to live a life of crime this man is just a victim of living in an oppressive system that exploit people as most people work for 16 hours a day for less than 900 hundred dollars a month

    • Really? If so then why isn’t everyone in a situation like what you just said doing what he does? He was armed and and also did you not read the charges? Live within the means presented to you at the time, keep trying and you’ll get out someday. Many have.

  2. (One meal a day) if u have nothing instructive to say plz stay away from the comment section. Rest in peace young man no matter what u have family who will miss u and grieve for you

  3. Residents will now sleep with both eyes closed. He did so much damages to people property. Condolences to the family.

  4. Is the fool dead, or is he really dead? Hope he is! If he was shot by d police; don’t forget that Miss Mary and her followers will not take it light! HUMAN RIGHTS! it’s a good thing she is not nice in she face, because , hum….!

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