WASCO Aims To Resolve Distribution Problems

Press Release:– The Water and Sewerage Company Incorporated WASCO is currently experiencing difficulties with our water distribution and supply network in some parts of the island.

This is due to the heavy rains caused by the weather systems which are currently affecting St Lucia and other islands in the region.

Initial assessments conducted by our technicians have revealed that many of the intakes particularly in the south of the island are clogged.

Our challenges also include high turbidity, which continues to affect our ability to supply water to residents. Some of the communities most affected are Micoud, Patience, Delcer and Canaries.

We are acutely aware of the limitations of many of our systems and are also mindful of the challenges brought on by inclement weather and the inconveniences that the water supply interruptions are causing to our customers.

But while the issues with the water system are complex, WASCO is committed to bringing a measure of relief to customers in the shortest possible time.

As such our technicians and engineers are assessing the situation in an effort to initiate short term and some cases immediate measures in place to bring relief to customers.

We implore the public for patience as we work to address the issues.


  1. Wasco, how many more years again we will be hearing these excuses from your company? my father was 96, the last time we spoke of your problems , he pass on at 102 6 years ago, and here you are with your un solvé water problem! Are you not a shame? This is the 21st. century where technologie is improving!


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