WASCO Announces Delay In Restoring Water

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WASCO regrets to inform consumers that there is a delay in restoring the water supply due to unsafe conditions at Millet.
The site has become more challenging with the threat of possible land slippage and equipment damage. The crews were advised to halt repair works last evening since the safety of staff is of paramount importance.
Repairs recommenced early today March 24th, 2022.
As a result, consumers in low lying areas should expect to receive the supply on Friday 25th 2022.
However, consumers at higher elevations and those at the end of the system will experience some delays.
WASCO assures consumers that our teams are working assiduously towards restoring the water supply at the earliest.
WASCO deeply apologizes for the inconvenience caused. We thank you for your continued patience.
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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Both Australia & St. Lucia are members of the British Commonwealth…fact!

    St. Lucia is having water shortage issues…fact!

    Australia is having flooding issues…fact!

    Solution: St. Lucia should arrange to import all of Australia’s excess water to solve our water shortage issues…n’est-ce pas? Someone should have paid attention to this Australien Honest Ad begging for help to solve their current flooding problems…after all, what is the point of having elections?

    Honest Government Ad | The Floods

    • This can happen but in flood waters sometimes these places have animals we don’t want here and when you think it is treated so they die sometimes they didn’t cause Australia as you know have sooo many weird and dangerous creatures

  2. well i just want to say there is still no water in town hopefully it comes before the afternoon and the road that had to be dug twice near bridge street can you guys fix it? there is a bit of a dirt pile up there and vehicles keep passing on it and its making a mess

  3. No water in Marigot but then that is the norm, shutdown or not, absolutely useless company with no regard for their customers. Sad state of affairs due to them being a monopoly, give them some competition and they would fold.

  4. Such a valuable company headed by the most useless people at the top. If the workers were properly equipped, and the fixtures were standard, there would only be a need for occasional maintanance.

    Instead you all chose to lie to St. Lucians hiding patch – patch work as “upgrades”. Sakway muhtee. People already pay so much for water, instead of taking such massive paycheques, at least ensure the staff is properly equipped!

    • Your comment makes sense up to the point that you say “people pay so much for water” ….that’s a lie! Water from wasco is one of the cheapest…cheaper than buying blue waters or even soft drink!

      Now onto that worthless company….they preach water is life but dont show it….this is the only utility company that has planned disruptions but do not tell customers in advance…this week is a rare exception. Their communications is horrible.

      • Guy, maybe for the small communities, but I was once told certain communities in the north with a centralised septic system pay more. I may have misunderstood and I stand to be corrected if needs be.

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