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WASCO Issues Update On Water Supply Interruption

Press Release:- The Water and Sewerage Company Inc WASCO is pleased to inform that after several hours of gruelling work, technicians have been able to repair the damaged 24 inch raw water line at Vanard.

The location of leak, which was discovered several feet below the river bed, presented a major challenge for the crew.

However, they were able to make the repairs which ran into the wee hours of this morning February 16th 2020.

A series of tests have conducted in order to ensure that the repairs would hold. The line has also flushed to remove any debris or residue that may have entered the system during the course of repairs.

This is necessary to ensure that the quality of water to consumers, once the system is reopened, is not compromised.

The raw water supply is currently being fed to the Theobalds Treatment Plant at Ciceron, where is being treated before onward distribution to customers in the north of the island.

As soon as the treatment plant is reopened, some customers will begin receiving the supply, while it will be delayed for others at higher elevations at St the further end of the system.

Wasco regrets the inconvenience caused to you our valued customers and we thank you for your patience.


  1. Time for WASCO to install a new raw water line (made from more resilient materials) in parallel with the existing line because I suspect that the existing line is nearing the end of its useful life. How many weld patches exist on that 24-inch raw water line?

  2. Without reliable water supplies, one cannot bath, one cannot wash clothes or eat properly.
    This is the kind of madness that makes people leave St Lucia. Water is Life, please do not let this happen again.

  3. You can never please damn St. Lucians.
    Michelle hats off to you for being understanding, as for the others comments shame on all of you and that type of ignorant fools.
    Things can, and will breakdown, we do not live in a perfect world.
    The Commentator, can you afford the luxury of a dual line system? Or better yet can the country afford it. Think before you speak.
    Lisa, Joe Knows From Experience, Steffy, Why didn’t all of you make the small sacrifice and invest in a water tank of any size to cater for such emergencies and all the rest of you ignorant St. Lucians. Stop casting blame on others for your short comings.
    We have the best water distribution system in the english Eastern Caribbean, yes it has its flaws its not perfect, but it works most of the time.

    Hats off to WASCO for the hard work put in and thanks for communication to us the general public.

    Remember we are a small developing independent nation.

    • Water is critical infrastructure. The health and welfare of the people depend on it. The Wasco communication you speak of is as dismal as your accolades. My hat is still donned and the pipes are still parched.

    • Keepingitreal, I kept reading these comments and like you, I am very disgusted by these comments. My question to these idiots is: can any water company anywhere in the world (big country or small country) ever guarantee that something will not go wrong at some point? I mean under which rock did Lisa, Joe Knows From Experience, Steffy and commentator crawl from? They are so bright that never took heed of the sound advice to have water stored because a mishap can happen anytime. There are those who cannot afford water tanks but are smart enough to store in drum, buckets and even big bottles.

  4. This pipe line is a sturdy strong pipe line,if there is a failure there has to be a cause,maybe the pipe has not been properly grounded,or the anodes havent been working properly,.If you told us tecnically what you really found when you dug up the pipe,then we could coment.But what matters to all right now is get it fixed.

  5. Meanwhile- WASCO is fixing the leak near Fisheries along John Compton Highway AGAIN!! Both N and S bound lanes are closed so all traffic has to go through Sans Souci- imagine the mess! I know that things will breakdown and they need to be fixed—I just dont get why traffic management has to be so horrid!!!!

  6. Thanks to all who worked very hard and long hours to get the pipe fixed and have water flowing in our pipes again. Great job guys👏👍👍 my family and I are thankful.

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