WASCO: UK National Who Died At John Compton Dam Had Accessed Restricted Area

Press Release:– The Water and Sewerage Company Incorporated (WASCO) wishes to inform the General Public of its deep regret and sadness with respect to a fatal incident that occurred at the Sir John Compton Dam (JCD) on the afternoon of Friday August 16th 2019.

A UK National Mr. Martin Ellis and his three young sons were unfortunately able to access a restricted area of the Dam without first obtaining permission from the authorities to enter the compound.

Access to that hilltop area is blocked with a secured metal chain across the roadway. Mr Ellis reportedly collapsed in this restricted area of the Dam.

Emergency Ambulance and the Police were immediately called to the scene. Mr. Ellis was subsequently declared dead by a Medical Doctor.
The Police officials are presently investigating the incident and the company is providing its full assistance with the process.
A post mortem is planned for next Monday at which time the exact cause of death will be determined.
WASCO wishes to extend sincere condolences to the family of the deceased on the sudden passing of Mr. Ellis.
The company reminds the general public and visitors that this is a restricted area and  permission  must be sought prior to accessing the JCD compound.
A further Press Release will be forthcoming after the post mortem is conducted and the exact cause of death is ascertained.


  1. This was a disaster,but it had to happen some time.This poor father of three that were with him at the moment this accident happened.They were walking around the area called the boat ramp,were the steps that let you acces the water are located,all was fine till the rain started falling at that moment they decide to seek protection and look to protect themselves under the roof of a shed.The young ones went down the steps but the father must have by accident put his hand on the wall and half way down the steps touched a metal pipe that holds electric wires.He died of electrocution.To die this way is terrible.This could have happened to any of the workers there or any of the hundreds of people that go there every week to visit the place. The dam is not a tourist place,specially these days were there is so much work going on.This is going to bring consequences.

  2. Is it restricted to workers? ……..answer me WASCO….
    Where was the security guard?
    Answer me …..
    If there was a guard on compound… that would not have happened.

    • How can a place of work be restricted to the workers? Is there a need for guards in a restricted area? Is this place a tourist or visitors site? If it was then there would have been a security guard. People like to take unnecessary risk?

  3. Realist

    As St. Lucians,we must sympathise at the passing of a visitor to our shores who came to experience and enjoy our sights and culture.
    If What an earlier contributor to this story posted is factual, it gives rise to some serious questions for WASCO as well as the visitors. Was the warning sign in a conspicuous place and was the access sufficiently secured from access. On the other hand, why did our visitors need to explore work in progress in an area that is off limits and indicated with a rope/chain. Were the visitors consumed with interest because of some technical knowledge or was it from share exuberance while being naked of protective gear considered appropriate for the peculiar occassio?
    Scant observance by one, the other or by both parties on a site as a dam where there is work in progress, will easily create the potential for dangerous and tragic consequences.

  4. @ Concerned Stop blaming WASCO ,people need to respect restricted areas. My home is fenced off with three dogs. If an idiot decides to jump my fence and get muled by the dogs I’m I at fault? Nonsense!! Stop rewarding people for their bad behavior

    • @ Realist- if your fence is knee high or your gate is wide open and a man walks in easily and get mauled by your dogs! Guess what- your a$5 is going to prison! The thing is that saying a place (by signs or otherwise) has restricted access is not enough to protect Joe public! Example , LUCELEC has a substation in the middle of town by endless rumshops but ensures that in addition to the signs, the fence is extra high/ gate always locked and barbed wire to the top- plussssss all wires inside there are well insulated!! OF course there IS more to this incident that we all do not know of!

  5. While no one is celebrating the death of an individual, i must ask, what was he doing there? It is an restricted area, why do you think thst you can just go there? Would he be able to do the same in his homeland? This was a foolish move on his part….no unauthorized person should have access to the island’s main source of drinking water. We allow visitors to do stuff we could never try to do in their homelands….it’s sad for his children but i think they were taught a valuable lesson

  6. Hear that wasco please put the water back, we havnt had any water since friday some of us whoes life has to go on have to wash and prepare 4 work

  7. Even if an areas restricted, there shouldn’t be any live wires polls, bars, metals anywhere at anytime, with access to any living thing. What happened to a guess could have easily happened to a worker, staff, or anyone! Because electricity travels! So I don’t have to touch it, or be there, if the right set up is present, which it shouldn’t ever be! Electricity will travel and kill you. I hate your comments because you guys tend to value one life more than others! If a St Lucian Worker was killed, you would say, why St Lucia WASCE don’t have safety measures in place, they send the bill on time! But can’t protect the workers!!!!! But because it’s a visitor, White male, it’s, what was he doing there. The one thing we know is maybe it was, he fell and to break his fall he pulled a protective cover of live wires off and was electrocuted, if not this, than why were live wires available to rain and water!

  8. I am encouraging St Lucians to make use of the opportunity as health care in st lucia is very expensive. Go there and lay all your health issues on sthe table to see how they can help. Many people are dying because they have no money gor surgery etc. Thanks to whoever made it happen.

  9. Well people if any of you have ever been to the dam,first thing you see nice and big on the left side of the road is a ….Welcome to the John Compton Dam.And if you took your time to investigate a bit more you will see in the ministry of Tourism,they have the Dam as a tourist atraction.Now they all covering their backsides,shame to all of us,and we know were that lies.To the Ellis family,my simphathy

  10. To all the idiots that are talking on all the news radios and TV,say the truth or shut up,none of you is giving the real stuff on your news,You need to investigate and get the true events and how they happened,and not take fake events that have been printed for you to read to the public,try to be honest please.

  11. Ive realized that our sweet Lucia is a destination for tourist to come and enjoy, and also to die. Why is that?. Our DNA crime lab is of no use. (*if there is one). High fu…… Insurance to be claimed after death. Dirty our little island just to go and collect big fric…. Insurance. Not all st. Lucian eyes are closed. Mines are open. Look at the movies, same is taking place here. Too often they came here and make it the love ones final destinations. And don’t come for me. “Nous nee asse,”

  12. May I clear up a few things. On August 16th there were no readily visible warning signs or anything saying this was a restricted area, do not enter. There are pictures taken all over the area in the minutes after my husband died that support this.

    There was no heavy gate across the track. It was a lightweight, low-slung bit of old chain, easily stepped across or walked around.

    I have read various comments saying that visitors should be more careful when they go on holiday. Could someone enlighten me on how you can tell by looking that an old metal pipe fixed to a wall at chest and ankle height contains a live, unprotected electric wire? Don’t you assume that anything within touching distance is safe?

    I grew up in Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare’s hometown and the 2nd largest tourist attraction in the UK. My school was located in Shottery Manor, which used to own most of Stratford. My form room was where William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. Because it was 15th century manor house we used to have tourists wandering in, thinking it was Anne Hathaway’s cottage. They might have checked out the bicycle sheds but no one was looking for live electric wires. In all my years living there I never saw a tourist sizing up any metal conduit pipe they happened to encounter in order to check whether or not it was live. Have any of you done this when abroad, or even at home? If something is in a publicly accessible place one assumes it is safe, especially when people working there have shown you where to go.

    There are (or were) videos on YouTube showing lines of men celebrating something or other, wth the dam wall and that wire in the background. One wonders if the electricity switched off for the occasion. If one of them had been electrocuted, there would have been a major rumpus and blame would not be put on the shoulders of the people invited to the ceremony. So please don’t write about Martin as if he was a reckless tourist, endangering his children.

    We have just been to choose a plot for him in Highgate cemetery – another big tourist attraction as Karl Marx is also buried there. If any of you go, rest easy as no live wires are apparent. But you better check the place out first.

  13. May I clear up, so these points above. There were no clearly visible signs saying that the dam was a restricted area. if there had been my family would not have on there. None of the many people they met at the site who showed them the way said they should not be there.

    There was nothing to indicate that the little metal conduit pipe attached to the dam wall was dangerous. Indeed, there are videos on YouTube taken at the same place showing the metal conduit pipe in the background.

    I have seen comments saying that visitors should be more careful when going to foreign countries. Can someone enlighten me how to tell if an old metal pipe attached to a wall at chest and ankle height is carrying a live electric wire?

    Tourists assume that the place they are visiting is safe, so please do not portray Martin as a reckless father who willingly endangered his children.

    I come from Stratford-on-Avon, William Shakespeare’s home town and the 2nd most visited tourist attraction in the UK. I have never seen any tourists examining their surroundings for dangerous electric wires. Do any of you do this when on holiday? people would think you are slightly mad if you approach everything in your reach. with an electricity detector.

    We have just been to choose a plot for Martin in Highgate cemetery, which is near where we live. Karl Marx is buried there, so a lot of tourists go there too. Michael Faraday is another one there, but no one’s been electrocuted by his gravestone. the grave of that man poisoned by the Russians with radioactive tea a few years ago, is also there, but again no warning signs are necessary. any people from St Lucia, who happened to see Martin’s gravestone can rest easy, it will be safe.

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