WATCH: Agreement Signed For 345 Room Hyatt Hotel In Saint Lucia

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On July 20, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre, Min. for Tourism and Investment Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire signed an agreement with Chief Executive Officer of TTS Resorts LTD, Mr. Lachezar Todorov, to initiate construction of a 345 room luxury Grand Hyatt hotel in Sabwisha, Choiseul.

More in this report from Rehani Isidore:


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Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Another Hotel? What about a university to educate Saint Lucians to secure higher paying jobs and increase the country’s level of literacy? An educated population makes better life decisions. What about better health facilities to provide better healthcare to the population…a healthy population has better life time outcomes….so SLP, you are going to plant a massive hotel in Choiseul to supposedly create jobs which in itself is a red herring….the investors are coming to fill their pockets whilst St Lucians are the one working their coat tails off to please investors…this dependence on tourism is Ill advised…it’s too top heavy…this is not investing in your people….it is the gradual selling of the nation’s patrimony…u heard the PM said that the government will allow the investors to do as they please except that they give St Lucians a fair wage, etc etc ..are u serious? What is the minimum wage in St Lucia?.do you expect investors to pay people way above minimum wage when they the investors are the ones taking all the risk? Seriously, these so call ministers have no idea how to move the country forward except they are experts at selling St Lucia and St Lucians out….

  2. We need a proper medical facility in the south not a hotel. The hospital will create employment as well. Damn it PIP

  3. O LORD our GOD. Hear the cry and prayer that your servant is praying in your pressence this day.
    May your eyes be open toward this Islet 🇱🇨 St-Lucia :
    Hear the supplications of your servant (s)and your people of 🇱🇨 St-Lucia, when we pray towards this Islet.
    Hear from heaven, your dwelling place,and when you hear, forgive,and make your face shines 🌞 upon us.
    When your people has been defeated by the enemy because they they have sinned against,and when they turn back to you and confess your name, praying and making supplications to you,then you hear from heaven and forgive the sin of your people and you gave them back the land.

    Since you know the hearts 🖤 of all men’s so that they may fear you all the time,they live in the land you gave our father’s- “When a man take an oath and comes and swear before you,then hear from heaven and act-
    Judge ⚖️ between the innocence and the guilty, condemning the guilty,declare the innonce not guilty,and so establish ⚖️ justice.

  4. just now that greedy kristus going to try and take all that work for himself sakwe vowas MR greedy Joe want everything for yourself and refuse to share

  5. in a way it is good cause that will bring more work to the south so everyone that living south can go work there instead of having to come up castries

  6. For a government that complains and “can’t” do nothing about the rising in the cost of living I must say… your’ll good for yourselves. Already a condo is expected to be built in the unused land I think around Chouisel area and now a huge new hotel project on the way with the help of a Russian diplomat.
    Not even informing the people that voted you in prior to this new project. Instead of putting the people first, they competing with Chas which is what this is all about, such deceit and hypocrisy of an administration this is.

  7. I am so happy that it is Vieux Fort South people getting shafted by this SLP government. Nothing Chastenet did for VFort South was good, apparently. St Jude Hospital, the Airport, The Pearl of The Caribbean, etc. All stopped by this SLP government. What happened to “our patrimony”?

  8. More hotels more families destroyed by the modern day form of slavery…. double shifts, strange hour shifts making it almost impossible for mothers to spend quality time with their children…..of course these hotels help with jobs but at what cost. High time we invest in more factories and production to use our local produce and be independent food wise.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth. Why do we insist on being dependent on outside sources i.e. tourists to make money ( yet we celebrate independence every year which is nonsensical to me in my opinion.) Opening up factories and exporting some innovative local products would be a good way forward for us but the people in charge don’t seem keen on such projects.

  9. I thought them 2 didn’t want anything to do with the projects Chas started working on before they came into office. Dem hypocrites. Telling us one thing and behind closed doors licking backside.

  10. With the way things going on in the world today, will you guys still be in office if this thing ever be built? I would be very surprised. Its amazing how folks are ready to invest in an unstable economy. But with God, all things are possible.

    • ……… “will you guys still be in office when this thing is ever built” ? Duhhhhh O yes fool we will , we most certainly will. It’s not question of “will you guy still be in office to see this thing built” but rather will you be around to see the beauty of it your grayness ? A certain Mayflowers and I will be making this our go to spot for Sunday Brunch, there, there, there, agony, agony.

      • “but rather will you be around to see the beauty of it your grayness ? A certain Mayflowers and I will be making this our go to spot for Sunday Brunch, there, there, there, agony, agony.”

        Oh thanks to Allen Chastanet. What about that patrimonything you guys were talking about?

  11. Check out st Lucia google map, cap estate, and see the abolition and annihilated land massacre in cap estate over 200 acres covered in sand, I feel for the people in sabwisha, bc it’s nonstop,over 3 years in a half years in cap relentless machinery squeaking honking , endless dust, noise for what!? Blood money is that dude Russian Lachezar Todorov? St Lucia is simply beautiful bc it does not look like the USA or other inflated islands with sky rises smph woiiioh and kudos to the old man supporting queens chain at carnival way To go soilder for representing for the masses what we feel about the destruction of queens chain, anyone in sabwisha makin a million off govt land? Smph this probably won’t be posted like my other comments smph @ STLT


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