Wednesday, October 5, 2022

WATCH: Cabot Saint Lucia, Marjorie Lambert Sign Historic Deal

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Cabot Saint Lucia and Marjorie Lambert have signed an agreement for the relocation of her beach bar and restaurant.

Cabot is funding the initiative which will see Marjorie continue to be on the Cas en Bas beach, offering a ‘new and improved’ experience at her revamped premises.

The developer envisages that the new Marjorie’s will become part of an overall beach park.

The deal included a cash component of over one million EC dollars, half of which Marjorie has received.

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Source: Cabot Saint Lucia

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  1. Ms. Marjorie Lamberts, today this Sunday, give thanks to the Lord, I don’t know, but I think as a Praying woman, your prayers are answered. Let me tell you, I’ve been doing some research on the company and they are the type St. Lucia needs and should welcome, at a time such as this. World War is on the horizon but the good Lord helps those who loves HIM.(without the crime, St. Lucia is a blessed place)

  2. Why does majorie owe the ghetto youths of Cas En Bas? Just curious. If i received a million, i would help my deprived family members before any ghetto youth. They can continue begging governments!!!

  3. Soo this woman got a whole million dollars ec to move plus they giving her a new spot and they building a new restaurant for her no expenses paid? Wow that’s a deal congratulations majorie. I hope they don’t get rid of the piece of space ship that was there.

  4. Let’s see how Marjorie gives back to the people, the ghetto youth of Cas En Bas, Gros islet with a million dollars the people that got her to where she and her children are at wit that deal Woi

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