WATCH: Cabot Saint Lucia, SALCC Ink Historic MOU

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Cabot Saint Lucia made history this week, becoming the first local corporate entity to enter a long-term agreement with the Hospitality & Sustainable Tourism Department of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC).

As we hear in this report, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) includes scholarships and other mutually beneficial initiatives.


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Source: Cabot Saint Lucia

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  1. I will repeat , we vote people in place to take care of the country not the private sector

  2. Tell us who erected that huge gate at the cap estate view point…why is someone secretly buying all the lots in the area?????

  3. Can Cabot help with our water infrastructure and desitling bc they are putting a next HUGE Burden on Wasco which can barely provide daily consistent service to residences up north! I say all hotels, resorts from Jade Mt to Landings every place that can have more than 10 guests pay up!…..all have an automatic 1 hundred grand tax for their patrons illicit water consumption…over the local people…… they have been receiving before the people for decades it’s about time they pay UP! Smph

  4. I don’t think the responsible is on the private sector to provide the training or leadership to move the country forward, it’s the job of our electoral officers to put the machinery in place and ask the private sector to support, after all our taxes pay them.
    We have the resources all we need is for government to put things in place, but I guess they’re to busy in their dirty politics to do anything to bring this country forward.

  5. What about providing better Healthcare, infrastructure and finance which will create better opportunities…vision less leadership…

  6. I’m amazed at the lack of diversity in this country. You can diverify but you need vision..for the future, tourism is not a sustainable industry…look at models like Singapore…which became a major economic hub for Asia due to banking for the region and Transworld port…

  7. Sad day for SALCC and by extension St Lucia. Did SALCC sacrificed their principle for privileges? Those who do such deals tend to lose both.
    Were were the men and women with more degrees that thermometers to led out in vigorous debates on Patrimony vs Money. It beats me how Clitus Springer allow himself to get into that space. SALCC photo op their lack of knowledge and imagination. Professional prostitution or what?
    The keen observer must notice that the Trini Principal was missing in action. He too smart to be visible in that sell out.. Our two Nobel winners may just awake up from their “sleep” on Easter Morning in protest.

  8. It’s sad day for St Lucia and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College – SALCC.

    This institution of higher learning lark imagination and creativity as they allowed Cabot to legitimize their illicit distruction at Cas an Bar. SALCC as our premiere institution of higher learning has shown its true colors. Instead of creating an atmosphere for vigorous discourse on patrimony vs money amongst the student body and facility they sold out. Between the bait and debate SALCC bite the bait. Sir Lewis and Sir Walcott

  9. Agree with your observations to an extent and as you said Cabot is serving it’s interest, but it is only one entity and others could follow their example, if they provide those assistance in their field, then we would have a better trained workforce and society. With better trained people you get innovation. However I think our government past and present don’t have vision because there are opportunities for development in st Lucia, but every minister is more concern about what they can take from the people rather than what they can do for the people. Politics is the easiest way to get rich in st lucia.

  10. While I welcome Cabot Saint Lucia’s initiative with SALCC, the government should seek to diversify the economy. Saint Lucia’s economy is too heavily dependent on Tourism. As we very well know, tourism is a lucrative industry yet very fragile to external and internal shock…case in point Covid 19 and hurricane devastation to Island infrastructure. Government should seek to grow other industries thereby providing a wider jobs market pool. Therefore, we need scientists of various specialities to help develop innovation and industries, a dedicated Arts institution that can train next generation of artist ( painters, writers, sculptors, musicians).. etc etc…So instead of Cabot funding scholarship in hospitality studies (and of course, Cabot is serving its own interests here since tourism is Cabot’s focus), why not fund scientific endeavours/ students who want to become scientist to find solutions to Saint Lucia’s problems or scientist who can innovate unique Saint Lucian products…thanks Cabot we welcome your initiative… but we need to think outside the box…

    • Yes we are heavily dependent on tourism, but answer my question wich I always asked. Diversify to what. Tell me.

      • Ossy if you read my comment with any measure of understanding, you would have answered your own question…

  11. For all the bad things this company Cabot was doing to st lucia (according to the st lucia labour party & co), all I’ve been hearing so far from them is good things. My question then is what has changed
    1. Were we lie to then
    2. Has the management change
    3. Was that dirty politics
    4. Did the SLP & co pissed in our eyes and call it rain.
    It’s amazing that everything that’s not good when you’re in opposition becomes good when you’re in government.
    I see this present government over the years have a good track record in that field.
    Our present cabinet is a good example of that.
    Never the less it’s good to see that Cabot is contributing to st Lucian livelihood in more than one way, although some might not agree, as a foreign company more then a lot of local company and government institutions.
    Keep doing what you doing Cabot, keep fulfilling your cooperate responsible to st Lucian.

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