WATCH: Castries-Gros Islet Highway Renamed In Honour Of Sir Julian R. Hunte

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The  Castries -Gros Islet Highway has been renamed the Sir Julian R. Hunte Highway.

Sir Julian selflessly devoted decades of his life to Saint Lucia’s national development and remains one of the island’s most respected politicians and revered business leaders.

The renaming ceremony was held on August 14.

Rehani Isidore tells us more:

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Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. REALLY?!? Attaching politicians names to edifices and/or roadways is beginning to tire!! Must they be named at all? Must they be named after politicians? Isn’t it better and easier for the entity to be named for its surroundings? That would be a lot easier to locate – now people have to SEARCH for where a road, a school, a hospital, etc. etc. is located. This rubbish is beginning to get really tiresome. To me – it will always be “The Castries Gros islet Highway” – at least I know the location! Leave it alone!

  2. Great initiative…please remove all the white mun names around St Lucia and replace it with St Lucians who actually did something the country.. For example please rename Rodney Bay which is currently named after Admiral Rosney

    • I support you but can we name stuff after locals who actually did something for the thing they’re renaming. Perfect example is Mindoo Phillip Park. Man took care of that facility to the day he died. What exactly did Hunte do for the highway?

  3. WHATEVER:- you’ve been thinking my thoughts. They better don’t touch Sir Derek Walcott Square or Sir Arthur Lewis College. These two names mean more to St. Lucia than all of the Politicians put together. That move will set something ugly between two families. Mr. P.M. my advice, tread softly on these moves. ( His name is eternal, He never changes, He is Lord).

  4. I am never a fan of renaming facilities. If a name existed already keep it. The names most times are too long and needs getting use to and most of these names before have history. Sir Julian Hunte Highway, Owen King European Hospital, Darren Sammy Cricket Ground, John Odlum Stadium, JFL Charles Airport, Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School, Derrek Walcott Sqaure, Allan Bousquet Highway, Sir John Compton Dam etc. etc. My my and most of the names are names of politicians. Politicians are the only ones being recognize as making a contribution that is significant to St Lucia. Let us all aspire to become politicians then smh. Why not change the names o their community instead.

  5. I would think that they would fix the highway before naming it Sir Julian Hunte Highway. It is insulting to Sir Julian to have a road like that named after him.

    • Really it seems appropriate in its current state. The people of St. Lucia never placed faith in Julian Hunte to lead the country despite the short comings of Compton.

  6. Huh. Why? Mate had nothing to do with the visioning, construction or maintenance of this highway. PIP have a real small man syndrome. I hope when the next party comes in the restore the original name. This is pure nonsense with those SLPwees.

    • Your statement is so is so ignorant it’s not funny. What does George Mallet have to do with Serenity Park? Yet your yellow master chose to rename the park after George Mallet. I can continue with other names however, I’ve proven my point.

      • You nitwit. Not supporting SLP stupidity doesn’t mean one support UWP stupidity. I’m hard pressed to think of you as a human being with the insane levels of ignorance you display daily. No wonder they think of some black people as monkeys.


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