Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WATCH: Castries Thief Caught On Camera

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A CCTV camera caught a thief in action at Carilee, Castries, during the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

The man tried to break into a parked minibus but failed on an initial attempt.

In the video, he leaves after stealing a solar-powered light attached to a post but returns shortly after with a tool to assist him in his vehicle break-in attempt. 

He subsequently abandons the second break-in attempt apparently out of fear of being discovered in the lights of an approaching vehicle on the road.

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Speaking to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity, the homeowner explained that it was not the first such incident at his residence.

He recalled that he armed himself with a machete on one occasion after recognising that someone was trying to break into his vehicle.

The intruder escaped.

The Carilee resident disclosed that thieves have been very active in the area.

But he explained that there’s an active community group whose members alert one another to suspicious activity and share information regarding criminal activity.

And he believes other communities can benefit by doing the same and coming together to fight crime.

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  1. Ti Tete, I Have an M61 Vulcan, jus check me if you might need it. Free of charge, all you have to do is cleanup work.

  2. Why spend money to install cameras that are not effective. We need more digital cameras with clearer views.

  3. Thief ” not” caught on camera!!! Sad that the video quality is so poor– could’ve been an easy recognition exercise for people viewing this– All I made out is that he has sought of a bandy left leg by the walk @ 0:57 fitting the profile of a career one who lingers along the La Pansee/ George Ville main road aka D@ve. Then again, the evidence appears weak except for possible possession of a stolen solar light!!!

  4. Adopt dogs from SLAPS, adopt a stray dog, if u had dogs that wouldn’t have happened! Cameras don’t do much and house alarms can be cut! Smph get dat Mudderphockr

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