WATCH: Chastanet, Hilaire Clash Over Juffali Joint Account Claim

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet and Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire clashed in parliament on Tuesday over a claim that Hilaire, a former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, had a joint account with late Saudi billionaire Walid Juffali.

Juffali received an appointment in April 2014 as Saint Lucia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization.

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  1. To me this document was floating around United Pac last year during elections. Not sure why person’s are reacting with surprise to this revelation. Would be interesting when it is unearthed. I wonder what would be the Minister’s position. Like Guy he’d probably say I sign millions of documents daily.. 😂

  2. Hold on….did Hilaire just say he had “mercy” on Chiquot but won’t show the same mercy to Chas? If that doesn’t spell vindictiveness, then I give up! This guy has a personal agenda and should not be allowed anywhere near a position of power in this country. PJP, watch your bread my brother…..that shabin in your camp could be the downfall of your party; Hilaire simply isn’t trustworthy!!

  3. All this DOG & PONY show…while the country is going to HEL in a hand basket. Crime is on the rise….unemployment is OMG and the list goes on and on. citizens are scared of being outside when the sun goes down, day time no difference……………too many corruption in the place “police, politicians & other” we have zero gun factors in the country, but we can actually sell arms to foreign countries, with all weapons on the street… basically “miss me with all that bull$h!t”

  4. It is still too early to take sides. He swore never to have had a joint account with anyone but Chas said he has the evidence. I am now waiting for that evidence to see who is genuine. Still too early to call. It is getting more interesting by the minute .Someone’s credibility will be shattered when it’s all over.

    • Can’t you see He Liar is the one not speaking the truth. The West Indies Cricket Board account is a considered a joint account. He was a signatory at one point. The rest is history. Check Michael Holding’s report on the Embezzlement of the Board funds during his reign.

  5. It’s a very serious allegation. Bodoos!

    Ting! Ting! Ting! Round 1: Chas is drawing first blood. Dapper footwork by Chas. Jab, jab by Chas. Hilaire is against the ropes covering his chin with his gloves. Two ripping punches to the ribs by Chas.

    Ting! Ting! Ting! Round 2: ???

  6. Privilege Committee, since when did that come into existence. As Peter Tosh sang ” if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones and if you can’t take blows brother don’t throw blows”. Helaire and Frederick threw so many stones and blows, while both living in glass houses. Now that the tables have turned, they running to Privilege Committee. But St Lucians we may have seen that exchange and thought nothing of it. Helaire’s remarks are scary. He let Chicot get away. Does that mean any case he brings against anyone they will be prosecuted. I serve you notice. Masa days are here again. St Lucians we deserve the government we get. Could you imagine this man is PM. Juke Bois and every descending voice will be in jail like Mandela.

  7. Lucian high-grade chas didn’t theif $7..million asked your pjp where is the money you don’t realize he is not talking about it stupid red tape

  8. I don’t think Chas is so stupid to bring this topic to parliament, if he didn’t have proof. I am not taking sides, but the truth must come to light. Chas promise to show, he must have known he will be asked to show proof and I am waiting to see the proof; if what Chas said is true, what are the proceedings in parliament for that? the good book say, ‘The truth will make you free’

  9. hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Ernest see they going bust him on how he get that jeep loooool. One thing they quick to say go and get evidence wi. Just because you dont have evidence does not mean that is not true. You can still do the crime and tamper with the evidence to make it seem like there is no evidence

    • …….Really ?? How old is that Jeep now and what’s the book value ?? Does it even worth mentioning anymore ?? But on the other hand Allen Chastanet owes The Citizens OF Saint Lucia USD$ 7 Million Dollars he teef for vaccine purchase over a year now and up to August 10th 2022 St Lucian’s have not heard a word WHEN ARE WE GETTING BACK OUR MONEY. So let’s do the math, the price of an 8yr old jeep and made up insidious accusations STILL does not equate to USD$ 7 million.

      • This is some serious aligations I am not sure anyone would read this out in the house if they didn’t have the proof but again everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

  10. Everybody know Ernest is a certified thief and liar. The nail hit a nerve. This man is the worst of the worst and he is gunning to me Prime Minister.


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