Tuesday, September 27, 2022

WATCH: Chastanet Says SLP Prevented Him Again From Making A Presentation During Budget Debate

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet took to Facebook Friday to complain that the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) once again denied him the opportunity of making a presentation during the budget debate.

“In their quest to prevent you from hearing about the proposals contained in the budget which will affect you negatively, the Prime Minister once again ended the debate prematurely,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote.

He also posted a recorded statement that appears below:


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  1. Thank you 🙏
    God ❤️has made the one
    and the Other,and deserved
    to be love and not hâte .
    Before acending on high,
    Jesus ‘said,my peace I leave
    with you.

  2. @ Kim Caribbean:- in your last paragraph, I suspect a bit of racism; I like it when we, in a free democratic society have the right to express our selves freely; but we can spoil it if we allow ourselves to buy into the cheap political slogans to score points. O.K. Chas is not at all black, in a Caribbean, as you know, who really is so black to suit your liking; but is he a European white? we are doing ourselves a disservice when we go down the road of white, black racism, and people all over read of this stupidity – otherwise, shut down all the hotels down and fire everyone – then talk racism. Why ask Taiwan, Canada, USA or Britain for help?
    Since today is Sunday read St. John chapter 17, it will cool the Soal.

    • I apologize for your unintended interpretation. I could have been clearer in that last bit, which presented an either/or situation: some people may want chaos in St. Lucia because they hate the Black majority (and that is not necessarily or exclusively Mr. Chastanet) or they feel a God-given right to control the reins of power (still not necessarily or exclusively Mr. Chastanet). However, I agree that I should pause longer before hitting the “post comment” button, even though life online is fast-paced and full of distractions like pop-up notifications competing for one’s attention. I should make clarity a priority, especially where there is no edit function, knowing we are in a faceless medium that makes reading the tone or emphasis of the person commenting really difficult. Mr. Chastanet has every right to participate in the full spectrum of Saint Lucian life, including the right to have his motives questioned or his behaviour questioned. And you sir (or ma’am?), can go way beyond anything I said or intended with your interpretation, based on what you “suspect” — without offending me in any way. I hope I have been able to add to the cause of deescalation and conflict resolution to your satisfaction. Thanks for the recommended scripture; I’m off to study it promptly.

    • Ignore this fake. this is an SLP operative looking to cast a wide net. The disorder is apparent; pretensive sheep going nowhere with an axe to grind regarding Chastanet. Pal maybe if you had learn to close your lower flaps to the highest bidder, things could have been better on your side. Contributions are not always on your back. Those things have a way of getting around… but I guess you are familiar with that type of disturbance.

  3. This has gone beyond nonsense. Our politicians are clearly showing their lack of conflict resolution skills, yet they’re quick to ask the general public to use those skills. This administration should remember that what they dish out when in office, they may have to eat when they’re in opposition. They’re starting to make Chastenet look like a victim and playing right into his hands. Stop the vindictiveness and petty nonsense and get on with the country’s business. Stop acting like a bunch of school children (apologies to school children).

  4. Something is nagging me in a disturbing sort of way, telling me that Mr. Chastanet has something up his sleeve. It does not feel like anything good. Like he is provoking for a calculated outcome. I wonder if one of his outsider advisers or fellow proud products of Canada has pointed him to some loophole in parliamentary procedure and Mr. Chastanet wants to exploit that, after a certain number of house sittings but well before the next elections is due, to unleash chaos. Sir, if you are so desperate to say something after everyone has spoken and they are cutting you short, why not take to the airwaves, to Facebook live, along with the market steps and say it? Pierre cannot stop you having a livestream of your summary of what you see as their failings or the address to the nation you are dying to give on all social media platforms or in paid slots on local media, etc. I hope for the sake of the people of Saint Lucia you are not one of those whose ego will be happy to see chaos reign because you cannot accept you lose. I hope and pray. We don’t need another Ukraine in Saint Lucia because some people either hate the Black majority or feel it’s they God-given right to control the reigns of power.

    • Or, could it be that Mr. Chastanet is not well, maybe suffering from chronic anxiety or some nervous disorder and he is afraid of having a public meltdown if the government side ridicules his contribution and he can’t cope with the thrashing. Sir, you should be honest with the people that voted for you and tell them what is really up. Maybe you can be the hero that finally causes St. Lucians to take mental health seriously, if that is a consideration for you.

  5. Whether Jews Or Greeks
    Seek your own good !
    Now these things occured as examples.
    Dear Friends,
    Avoid arguments,why make war against your soul? Fighting 💪 with the 🌬️wind that your freedom be judge by another’s conscience ?
    There have to be difference among you to show which of you have God’s approval.
    For I reçeived from the Lord what I also passed on to you :
    The Lord Jesus,on the night he was betrayed, took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said,
    “This is my body, which is for you ;do this in remembrance of me.”……….
    And when I come I will give further directions………

  6. Chas is a joke. He should grow up. All past opposition spoke after the priminister. Why should they give you prefrential treatment. You should adopt Kenny style when he was in opposition. Speak and then walk out if u dont want to hear the rest of the debate. Although im a UWP supporter i dont like Chas and dont want this man to lead the UWP. Anyone thinking Chass can win the next election is delusional.

    • Where did that order of who speaks when came into effect? I’ve been watching Parliamentary debates from the 80’s and never knew there was a particular order cause Neville Cenac, Julian Hunter, Kenny Anthony, Louis George, Marius Wilson, Marcus Nicholas, Stephenson King never spoke immediately after the Prime Minister presentation. The first time I saw that was with Pierre and I wondered why he spoke then. I actually dismissed it as a party ploy cause at the time with the six SLP parliamentarian he was the least effective speaker among them.

  7. I think Chastanet should open up a court case against Hilaire and Pierre for not undergoing proper procedure. How can a red dog dictate that the man can only speak before 7 a.m. and go about doing all he could to sabotage him! you lucians backing SLP on that are more dirty than them. Put as many court cases on He Lie as possible cause his actions require it!

  8. We have an even worse despotic government under that corrupt shabin he liar. Transparency, accountability and nepotism is thrown out the window under the clowns. I though we were voting for better but what we got were lies, bluffs and a whole lot of fluff. We are doomed. He lies in charge Pip is just a front ……. we have been conned. I would never vote a government led by he lies and they knew it so they gave us Pip to get in and then want to impose the dishonest shabin on us. But we will speak in the ballot box

  9. Wow…..my people sound really dumb. Do they not know what a debate is? If the man speaks before everyone, where’s the debate? Clearly Lucians don’t care about the issues. I suspect those people are not used to following a debate. There’re only interested in salopte’
    All what Chas was doing was so wrong, infrastructure development, improving Healthcare,proper fiscal management and doing everything by the book.
    Lucians deserve the government they got. I don’t want anybody to stop me on The road and ask me for anything. What you get hold……bunch of reverse racist a$$holes.

  10. Those of you who are defending Allen cannot see he was never prepared to talk. Can’t all you see Allen is a waste of time. Common I know blacks are afraid of whites, but don’t show it so clearly.

  11. Like seriously Chastnet!!! Man st lucians are fed up of you and your lame ass excuses. Get your act together n quit acting like a toddler who has lost its pacifier….choopse eh

  12. Rude are you sure you know the answer to the question you asked. There is no law or convention which states that John or Jack should speak first or last. Helaire said outside Parliament that if Chastenet didn’t speak at 7 o’clock as he dictated to him he would never get another chance to speak. What Bull and St Lucians accept that because they claim that Chastenet is white, but that same Helaire and Pierre spent millions to welcome a Prince and his woman for Pierre to get a photo of them. Are they not white?

  13. this man is such a jackass…..you never lost ur rite to speak…you will bark only when we tell you too….those who were dogs will grow up to be gods and gods will become dogs…how you like dat ch-ass

  14. Allen one day very soon this will come back to bite hard in the ass.

    You have to give St Lucian examples of where in the World parliament the opposition speaks last.

    One day one day

  15. This is why I will not waste my time to watch this nonsense of a debate. This administration with Philip & Helaire and this Speaker of the house is a bunch of arseholes. Thank God I didn’t vote to see this stupidity that has been going on in this shitty house. Chastanet was put there by St Lucian people. He has a right to speak and make his contribution whether PJP or Claudius Francies like it or not. We speak of democracy but I do not see the democracy. PJP you will reap what you sow. Keep using the line ‘the people vote you in’. You will e the worst PM alongside Stevenson King. Tanto tanto.

    • Chas talking about “on a point of order” but what is his point of order? “I want a break”. He was in and out so many times! What, he has the most poop than anyone else? And, if you wanted a break, why didn’t he just stand up and ask for it? Somebody must ask for him? Chas, hole your dad’s from dere tann!

  16. This is why st lucia as an island with this present group of politician will not be going forward, they promise change every five years and when you vote them in they forget about all the promises they make.
    You change government be is given the same results

  17. Senior, nook, Odin, The Crow, Allen Take That and Uh Huh. I strongly believe you are the same person. After all, even if we have a low IQ, St Lucians are not so dumb. It appears that the SLP is fearful of Allen Chastanet speaking. Bottom Line.

  18. Allen,you still believe the entire Nation still have to submit to you like your cronies did.
    Man you’re to much of a fool to yourself,my suggestion to you is leave our politics alone and go back to,Ireland,where your families are from or,Canada,where you claimed to be a product of.

  19. Them politicians are quick to forget what they had done just a few months before. Man…enjoy the dis benefits of being the opposition of a ruling administration bro.

    • The conartist boy crying wolf Chastanet believe Mr. Pierre is the leader of the position party and he the leader of the opposition party they both are leaders so the only one equal to him is the PM and no one else . The belief of the con man.

    • Wow…..my people sound really dumb. Do they not know what a debate is? If the man speaks before everyone, where’s the debate? Clearly Lucians don’t care about the issues. I suspect those people are not used to following a debate. There’re only interested in salopte’
      All what Chas was doing was so wrong, infrastructure development, improving Healthcare,proper fiscal management and doing everything by the book.
      Lucians deserve the government they got. I don’t want anybody to stop me on The road and ask me for anything. What you get hold……bunch of reverse racist assholes.

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