Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WATCH: Crane Accident In Castries Downs LUCELEC Power Lines

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A crane accident in Castries downed several Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) power lines  and damaged other infrastructure on Sunday afternoon.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service says the incident occurred about 2.30 pm near the Manoel Street bridge, but disclosed that no one was injured although a truck  was damaged.

A fire service official said the crane was parked on the street near Du Boulay’s Bottling Company.

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LUCELEC’s Corporate Communications Manager, Roger Joseph, said the accident occurred  when the crane apparently toppled over, bringing down power lines, damaging a few transformers and breaking some poles.

“Some of our customers were affected and were without power for a while,” Joseph told St Lucia Times.

However, he disclosed that a LUCELEC went to the area, assessed the situation and was able to re-energise some affected customers who were not in the immediate vicinity of the fault.

He said at the time of he interview with St Lucia Times that the crew was working to clear the area to allow the fire service and other teams to get the crane out of the way.

The LUCELEC official said the crane accident affected the utility’s Hospital Road feeder, with the result that residents along Hospital Road, Faux A Chaux, Manoel Street, some parts of Brazil Street and Lower Morne Road would have been impacted.

But Joseph said most customers, except those in the immediate vicinity of the fault, would have had power restored.

“We would have had to isolate the isolate the power in the area, around the bridge and Du Boulay’s Bottling Company – that area,” he stated.

Joseph reminded citizens that once there are downed lines, they should stay clear.



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