WATCH: Dog Breeders Hold Event At Gros Islet

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On Sunday 31st July, Beta Kennel hosted an event at Advanced K-9 Training Services Dog Park in Beausejour Gros Islet that featured local dog breeders and dog lovers in St Lucia.

Beta Kennel is owned by Ms. Amber Trezelle, a relative newcomer to the local scene with a passion for dogs and an advocate for proper breeding practices.

The family friendly event featured a wide range of local dog breeders and owners who were happy to include their pets for an afternoon of conversation, relaxation and valuable information.

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On hand were the officials from Advanced K-9 training who were pleased to lend their support by providing the venue, as well as to showcase their training and obedience courses.

Given the popularity of pedigree and large dog breeds on the island, these trainers were instructive on what owners need to know about handling their pets.

Over the past few years local dog owners have invested significantly in animals as pets and in the areas of security. The trainers were on hand to discuss all aspects of handling and courses that they offer for training.

A short demonstration on obedience, presented an impressive result of a well trained animal working its way through the obstacle course as well as showcasing defensive and protective skills.

Ms. Treselle was extremely happy with the outcome and the support of her family and friends, who were on hand for the day with a park filled with dogs of every kind.

” I am really pleased that so many people turned out to support this event,
we have a real passion for dogs and want all of our owners to have as much information as possible to keep their dogs safe and happy.”

The park seemed to have almost every kind and size of dog, from poodle breeds carried in straw baskets, to enormous stately Rottweilers that frowned at the large audience. Some breeders made short speeches and explained their business and promised responsible dedication to the industry.

Suppliers of products from dog food to animal toys were also on hand.

With the enthusiasm for new and exotic dog breeds becoming a growing interest in St Lucia this kind of event can only bode well for increased knowledge by owners and facilitate a healthy community of dog breeders in St Lucia.

Source: Beta Kennel

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  1. Certainlly you’ve on the look out when hardships, trials and temptation will comes upon the world.
    Keep watching !
    For it is written :
    The wise heart will know the proper time and procedure !

  2. Whatever is true is pure and prevention is better than cure.
    Its those same name breed that took the kid 💔😢 from his or her bikecycle and eat her and covers the remaining body with plams leaves 😢.

  3. There a different between pit bull and a bully a bully is less aggressive and doesn’t have the temperament of a pit bull although it may look more fierce

  4. Soon most if the dog owners will leave the dogs to roam the streets because let them go when hardship hit them. They are not prepared to take responsibility for themselves much less an animal. No matter all them dogs you ssee there drop a piece of KFC for them and you get a bly

  5. There’s a reason why some countries ban Pitbulls. They are more dangerous than other breed of dogs, ( based on the frequency of aggression towards other dogs, and severity of the aggression ). These creatures have powerful jaws, which makes their bite dangerous. They were bred to bite and hold. I certainly wouldn’t want them as a pet.

    • There a different between pit bull and a bully a bully is less aggressive and doesn’t have the temperament of a pit bull although it may look more fierce

      • @ Brandon
        Thanks for the clarification : )
        At a glance they do look like Pitbulls. I looked up this Bully breed, they do have Pitbull genes in their original code, along with other Bull Dog breeds. I guess that’s why I leaned towards them being Pitbulls. I appreciate your enlightenment. x

    • I fully agree, a Pit Bull became like a status symbol for Saint Lucians. I believe in a well trained dog and treated like a family member. My two GS are the perfect example!

  6. ” … from poodle breeds carried in straw baskets ….” This sentence should read “terriers”. Actually, poodles are actually medium to large dogs, who are bred to herd sheep, and perform other farm activities.

    Most of commenters on here, have NO IDEA of dog breeds, types and what they are bred for (work wise). A dog will only be aggressive if bred to be so, and can be TRAINED to do its work (security, herding, companion, drug sniffer, comforter, etc.). Unfortunately, Pit dogs face a very bad rap for being “bullied” into being aggressive.

    Brava to Ms Trezelle for coming forward to EDUCATE people on different types of dog breeds for different types of people. Well done.

  7. these dogs are illegal all over europe. but st lucia has no laws. these dealers better find another hobby. this place called st lucia is run by criminals

    • Some of these dogs don’t belong in Saint Lucia, their coats are too thick for this heat but each to their own.

      @My Gosh, we aren’t in Europe, we are in Saint Lucia and yes, in Saint lucia there are laws pertaining to dogs and dog breeds.

      You’re saying they should find another hobby/something else. Like go out and commit criminal activities? Seat on the block, drink and smoke all day? Some of you people can’t just for once give a positive to young people who are trying to make a difference in life especially with all that’s happening in Saint Lucia.

      • @john snow shut your ahs! it should be illgal! you and those like you are the reason st lucia is infested with crime.

    • ok so i have a few questions. so because those dogs are allegedly illegal in Europe that means they should be illegal here as well? if yes then what are the reasons those dogs should be illegal? as far as i am concerned every country has its laws and all of them are a bit different. Right now it is legal to have same sex marrige in the USA so does that warrant for it to be legal here as well because it is legal over there?

      • U dunce? they are illegal there because they kill people just like when they killed a little boy in bexon area some years ago.

    • Is this Europe? Is it illegal in all other countries. I’m confused…. So once Europe jumps we should jump too? What’s the purpose of your comment. Was it solely for the purpose of negativity. Some people on island doing something other than crime and price mongering and here we still have a problem

      • @ MA MALAY and SICK and TIRED, my point exactly. Some of these idiots like @ CHOOPS, who clearly displays their level of ignorance. They believe we need to follow suit if America, Europe or and other country who establish a law, we need to do the same. That’s not the case.

        They are still under the mental slavery mentality.

    • What’s the situation on Island. Rules to attend this even was that these dogs were to be friendly. Every single one of these dogs were people oriented. You could walk right up to them and pet them and they would greet you with a wag

    • Breeding them incorrectly will not help the situation.. however the point of the meet it to start an intervention on proper breeding which would help bring out a more balanced dog to the public .. with their temperament and health. That was the point of the breeders meet

    • And can you imagine farm owners are reaching out to breeders to acquire bully breeds to secure their farms from thieves?!! Maybe we should stop breeding humans


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