WATCH: Earl & Countess Of Wessex Visit Saint Lucia Schools

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Their Royal Highnesses Prince Edward and Princess Sophie, Earl and Countess of Wessex ended their final day in Saint Lucia with a visit to schools.

The couple’s week-long visit to Saint Lucia ended their tour of the Caribbean to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We hear more in this report from the Ministry of Education.

Source: Ministry of Education

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. I want to know why the royals were not wearing masks. We have laws in this country but the powers that be see nothing wrong in exposing the children to that risk. Every day you insist they and the teachers wear mask but as the royals reach no mask. Shameless!

  2. @dogfart, you right, that display was feeble. Poor drumming and the way they dance look more like some kind of “country western” line dancing. I be surprised if the royals don’t feel offended at the poor entertainment efforts.

  3. That band drumming sounded like $hit. That crappy display embarrasses us all. We must do better when we present entertainment to our distinguished royal guests. They may leave the island with a sour taste in the mouth.

  4. Kim Caribbean Bravo for a masterpiece; I concur with your sentiment. I lived, graduated, worked and did raise a young family in London before moving on. It is of importance that we should/must hold on to our lies with the U.K. at a time such as these, when the Medical World going through a tail spin not knowing what is best for our health – and a silly but potentially dangerous war that could end us all – our leaders should show leadership, and the value of etiquette to our visitors, not simply because they are white, but to everyone. Let’s not show any Neg maron attitude to any visitors, we are bigger than that – but Kim, Pall, elsewhere I read where you tear a chunk off Chas’s axx, re: the debating time slot with reference concerning white, black issue – smacks of racism – should we be very careful about some spoken wards or any implications? (He said ‘one commandment I give you, Love one another as I have loved you’) like me, have a nice day.

  5. Kim Caribbean ….WELL SAID and Thank you for your positive contribution to this topic .

    With that said I still believe that we should inward for solutions and role models . Ministers Poyette and Richard Frederick should play that role in our ‘Beautiful Helen of the West’ and should be the ones that young people find inspiring as they eat their ‘more green fig’ and learn creole.

  6. Suddenly, it’s fashionable to insult and blame visitors to our country, who are the heads of state of a place with whom Saint Lucia still has major economic ties? I support the mental liberation and psyche growth of Caribbean people, especially the Black ones. But I am not for throwing out the baby of the lingering bad effects of colonialism with the bathwater of good manners and cunning strategy planning. What do the handful of Rastafarians who appear to be leading the protest everywhere have to put forward as the option? Chinese colonization by invitation? A new monarchy out of the old commonwealth with Megan Markle and Prince Harry of the same House of Windsor as our new King and Queen that we will still go out to wave flags and perform for? Some foreign media or other mischief maker inciting this? Do we want a sudden shift with no proper planning where we have every egotist and failed politician causing rauction to be be the new dear leader of the Republics of the not common wealth. So many Caribbean people and their descendants have made England their home. Is it not better to have a clear plan and hold strategic negotiations, maybe best behind the scenes, to get the maximum of what we want from the UK royals and government? Maybe some of the package Borris is spending on Nato’s war with Russia in Ukraine? Instead of flinging insults at the visitors and intimidation at those who may still want to go to wave the royals as they would do any celebrity? See how much mileage Pierre and his island got in international media that would never happen if I had walk up to him and handed him a photo of me. People we need to learn finesse and how to seize the day or moment and make the most of the hand we have been dealt with by history. I feel like we can score more with cocktails diplomacy instead of always being kakanese; respectful negotiations versus riot some of the time. PM’s inviting people or accept their request to visit just to have them in a public place where they can diss them seems immature to me. Vengeance is not a good look, especially this late in the day.

    • Meant, “throwing out the *bathwater* of the bad effects of colonialism with the *baby* of cunning strategy, etc.”

    • The right to peaceably gather is the right of every St. Lucian. Same as it is in Britain. I remember on several occasions when British people exercised that right to demonstrate against world leaders… including Trump. Clearly St. Lucian’s are not entering into uncharted waters. No one is manhandling the royals.

      At this point, even the slowest of us can determine that Britain has no intention of paying reparations. They have found money for everything else since the matter first came up for discussion. Time is on their side. Some Caribbean people think that a strategy of constant demonstrations will embarrass them into doing the right thing. Because Rastafarians are at the forefront, doesn’t for a minute diminish the groundswell of support from everyday people.

      In the absence of a financial settlement, both parties are going to cling to their strategies. One party, wasting time… burning the clock. The other, demonstrating at every opportunity.

  7. Are they still hanging around? They can’t seem to take a hint. Times have changed and they are simply clueless. By the way, why are people asking them to apologize? They were not even around, and further, you can’t go to the bank with that. I say, just pay for the forced labor that created their unjust enrichment.


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