WATCH: EU Delegation Impressed After Visit To OKEU Hospital

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A European Union delegation ended a visit to Saint Lucia, asserting that they were impressed after touring the Owen King European Union Hospital (OKEUH).

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  1. There should he a country wide sensitization of proper living and self care to have less use for hospital in the first place.too many treatments for lifestyle diseases. Great leaders will lead their people in the best way possible.i guess we want to continue relying on aid and that will surely maintain this kind of health rhetoric and care existing in st the former guyanese leader said ” aid is raid ” .some of us have Stockholm syndrome , know it or not and love it too.

  2. Please go anonymously to the hospital and ask for treatment. Please do it, let us see how impressed you will be.

    I would pick the poly clinic any day over that hospital, a woman had to threaten to chop a nurse because her son is bleeding non stop and the nurse is telling her don’t worry.
    After these threats that’s when she decided to actually do her job and attend to the boy. You people need better staff, at least in the clinic everyone is working and the nurses aren’t on their phones all day

  3. The sad thing is that the people who were up and down with the EU to get equipment for the hospital were forced to resign from their positions to put in party hacks. This was done under the Allen Chastened administration. I hope the former minister of health, Guy and the rest (they know themselves) keep their mouth shut about claiming praise.

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