Wednesday, September 28, 2022

WATCH: Fire Destroys Three Buildings In Marchand

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Three dwelling houses went up in flames Saturday in Bishop’s Gap, Marchand, Castries, near the Marchand Catholic church leaving five people homeless, according to the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS).

Firefighters from the SLFS headquarters in Castries and the Babonneau and Gros Islet fire stations responded around 4:30 pm.

A senior fire service official told St Lucia Times that although people were at home when the fire started, they fled, and no one sustained any injuries.

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The official explained that one of the dwellings housed a shop selling LPG, but firefighters prevented the fire from igniting the tanks.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. Down On My Knees !
    O , God whom i praise
    Do not be silent !
    For the wicked and cruel men
    have rise and plots evil schems
    against Your people whom you
    cherish with great compassion .
    Answer !!
    “I will heap calamities upon them and
    spread my 🏹arrow against them when I
    sharpen my flashing 🗡️ Sword and my
    hand grasp it into Judgement –
    I will take vengeance on my adversaires
    and repay (those who). plots evil schems against my people !

  2. Bowfess there’s no somebody after them at all. Trust me you just start seeing houses burn in St.Lucia. Within the 5yr period watch and see the amount of houses that will burn. Not that I’m the one responsible or know the persons responsible but figure it out why wait to get money to build a new house when you can burn yours and Government can build it for you. St.Lucians aren’t stupid you know when you give them an inch they’ll take a yard. Once you have this Disaster Fund and not a proper Investigation unit to prove which houses were deliberately torch you are going to pay for your actions.

  3. Definitely sounds likes a inside job maybe by a ras or a politician. I see you calling out Pip to bring de money wow

  4. OMG ! It’s 💔 heartbteaking to see this !
    What may be the cause ? Or you mean to tell me at this guavament Season people looses their proporty ?
    Well then , what has become the outcome from this ?
    Responsibilities please come forward !
    Was it of Wickedness, a paid job or Politricans politricks playing role ?
    Nevertheless God holds the future and will dealt with the matter according with justice and rights deserved .
    May the grace of God, his comfort and his unfailing love goes to the fire victimes .

  5. Smh……which somebody?

    Anyway may the guilty come forward and name the ones who put them up to it.

    Is this insurance fraud? Arson? Political? Michief? Faulty equipment? Pan left on stove?

    Only time can tell.

    Pip hurry back home bruh,your people need you now more than ever. The Taiwanese money comes in handy right about now.

    I’ll keep the 5 homeless people in my prays. I know how it feels when it comes to losing everything to fire.

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