WATCH: Four Saint Lucians For Undergraduate Studies In Hungary

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Four young Saint Lucians are heading to Hungary to pursue undergraduate studies as part of a 3-year co-operation memorandum signed between the Ministry of Education Saint Lucia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hungary.

Danielle Dubois reports:

SOURCE: Ministry of Education

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  1. @A RRllison why are St Lucian’s so rude. Marie Joseph was simply sharing a story of migration based on the article (a beautiful story) ….thanks for sharing Marie.
    The point is she shared a migration story of encouragement to the folk who will be studying abroad. God bless her for such an incredible writing capability in her twilight years.

  2. Good news… I congratulate the awardees on trust they make a success of this opportunity….but how about having our own university on home soil so that citizens don’t have to pay exorbitant fees for university degrees, including air fare, boarding and food….why is the government slow in turning Sir Arthur Lewis Community College into a fully fledged university…?

    • The process is ongoing. Progress was stalled by Covid but thanks to work done over the years, Saint Lucia is closer now to realizing that dream than it has ever been. Laws have been drafted; policies are being developed etc. But a lot more work and money is needed to improve the centuries-old physical plant, train more lecturers to PhD level, set accreditation standards and so on. In the meantime, a few degree courses have been introduced. A detailed progress report will be released soon.

      • Thanks @CIS…that is progress. Can’t wait to see this life long dream come to fruition. It’s about time we have our own home soil university.👍

  3. Thank GOD for the partenariat agreement. Inspite of all his goodness and wonders we do not believe !
    Safe journey ✈️and happy returns.
    Remember GOD in a distant land !
    Good Luck 🍀🍀🍀🍀


    I took a bold step nine years ago, hoping I could settle in a Eastern European Country which was once a Communist Country.

    I was in my 60’s and about too retire from a well-loved profession. The irony being that I am St Lucian, who’s lived in the UK for a number of years.

    I stayed in this European Country for a few dsy and fell in love with it. There were so many similarities with St, Lucia, the weather
    during my visit was superb. The tranquility and bresth-taking snow capped Mountains, mesmerising, to say the least.

    Everything seem too fit into place. I made up my mind that this was where, I wanted to spend my ( end of days.) I would undoubtedly be joining the throng of British People who have made this wonderful Land their home.

    There were barriers too encounter, such as llearning a new language. being an English speaking person with an added bonus of my knowledge of Keweole, I had an extremely challenging task ahead.

    I can say that, I’ve learned the basics for smooth communications. It’s a very difficult language too master but, once you know the alphabet and can recite the numbers from
    (0 to 100) you are almost there.

    You are asking so why, a Eastern European Countlry and not St Lucia? My beautiful homeland and its indigenous People, isn’t going in the direction where SAFETY, MEDICAL CARE ROAD SAFETY and INSTABILITY are rife. Thanks but no thanks!

    I settled in a remote Village and I was a novelty to the Villagers’ as they have never had a BLACK PERSON in their environment let alone in thei midst. Their curiosity was astounding but, I stood out like a perpetual flower which left all of them wanting too know about me.

    I told them that, I originated from St, Lucia which they haven’t heard of. I fitted-in nicely
    never once exhaling or elevating myself in my new environment. I had too adapt very quickly, There were occasions when I was taken back too the similarities which, I encountered as a child growing-up in St Lucia.

    Most of the houses in my Village have non-flushing outside toilets, wild dogs on the streets, power cuts and narrow Country Roads. Most homes have water troughs where clothes washing are done.

    They pride themselves in having close ties with each other and the Mayor of each Village oversees the Budgets and affiliations
    of the Residents. I am having the best of everything in my twilight years, being born on the beautiful Island of St. Lucia, emigrating to the UK which, have made it possible to find a dream.


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