WATCH: Government Details Policy Measures To Cushion Impact Of Rising Prices

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and the  Director of Research and Policy in the Ministry of Economic Development, Jemma Lafeuille have been detailing government policy measures aimed at offsetting the impact of inflationary shocks on local consumers.

Rehani Isidore has more in this report:


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Source: Office of the Prime Minister. Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. LH if you and the Gov’t of StLucia cannot see or find any resources that it has, there is no point in being in this world. We should just be bombed because we are just a parasite with no use other just feasting on other nations. Every country has resources. The government and you are too visionless to see it.

  2. Hi 👋 Nudge, would you happen to be the same “nudge” from the Star newspaper platform some 20 yrs ago, your responses bring a feeling of DejaVu!

  3. For we deserved better,a living wage of course for GOD is good.
    Why,O We, little faith, have to worry and stressed ?
    Let us love ❤️ relief, but you must understand this !
    The same God that is on the mountain is still in the valley, when things go wrong he will make right, only believe.
    The God in the morning,is still God in the evening, the God of the good times and the God of the bad times, and as surley the God of 🇱🇨 ians.

    • Good for you LH. I realise this is the first time you’ve travelled based on reading some of your comments. Happy that you now understand that the prices of goods etc are not unique to St.Lucia. Your tune was different same time last year.

      Always happy when people can expand their brains. At least one less idiotic comment to read from you … thanks for the public service act.

  4. She said government has been cushioning the price of fuel for years, but only mentions the one year SLP has been in power. What happened to the previous 5 years, wasn’t fuel prices kept low.

    And everyone need to stop blaming Russia for high oil prices and inflation.

    • ….so who should be blame for high oil prices ??? Do we produce oil ? No ! So who should be blamed ?? I have been saying it for a while now in the US diesel will hit USD$10 per gallon by September, then what ?? What you Clowns refuse to understand is that diesel is logistics not gas. Some ships use diesel, trains use diesel, trucks use diesel, if it’s costing them more to transport goods and services, produce who are they going to pass the cost to ? The wholesaler, and who is the wholesaler going to pass the increase to ????????????

  5. When government has to assist it’s people in times of unforeseen circumstances why does it complain so much? Government should be making it’s own money and stop relying heavily on tax payers. When it is time to give back they complain and repeat the same damn excuses. Who the hell cares if they collect zero tax. They keep comparing us to the other islands where VAT is higher but they are not saying that these other islands wages and salaries are higher than ours. St kitts has better labour laws. The other islands do have minimum wages compare to us with none. Imagine here one has to work more than an hour to purchase 5 or 6 limes in a bag. Have to work more than an 1hr to by a nylon of cucumbers or tomatoes or 3 hours to be able to buy a heap of potatoes or dasheen. When some their salaries per hour is $3.50, in some cases $4 and $5 and all you all do is complain government has remove this and that and our VAT is the lowest yet you still want to receive big fat salaries monthly. Use the damn resources we have and use your brains to make money for the country and stop wasting tax payers money on useless projects. What’s the point in fighting for power and all what you expect was to get money there and not work! Bunch of brainless idiots.

  6. Why do these officials keep repeating the lie that the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine is the cause of inflation across all economic sectors?

    Have they been asleep while the US Fed was printing $7 trillion to give to the banks and speculators in the stock market? And since the EC dollar is pegged to the US dollar, the effect is obvious.

    The US government is using the Special Military Operation as an excuse to deflect the righteous indignation of the masses from their blatant move to transfer wealth from the 99% to the 1%. And the so-called economic experts in St. Lucia are in on the grift…the sanctions that the US have placed on Russian exports have accelerated the western world’s economies towards stagflation.

      • Because we produce nothing in St. Lucia and have to get everything from other countries. Other countries wrecked by inflation. Not a hard concept to understand.

      • A RRllison: I cannot take the blame for your inability to see that my first paragraph, above, directly responds to the statements in the video, which the title of the article asked us to WATCH! From the double “R” & “l” in your name, I expect that your double-vision prevented you from following the admonition to find out the details proffered by the officials.

        Thus, you obviously missed the excuses made to mask the fact that our so-called economic experts have no way of controlling the deliberate inflation imposed on the world by the western financial cabal.

        My advice to you is to expand your mental capacity, post haste, so you can better spot when you are being hornswoggled by your government officials!


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