WATCH: Gros Islet Friday Night Attracts ‘Packed Crowd’

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The President of the Gros Islet Vendors’ Association, Nehemiah Charles, says a packed crowd attended the resumption of the Gros Islet Friday night street party on May 6, including visitors from neighbouring Martinique, hotel guests, and locals.

 “It went extremely well. Everybody seemed happy,” Charles told St Lucia Times.

He explained that bar owners, the vendors, and everyone else were happy to see a resumption of the street party after some two and a half years. 

“They were just waiting to come out to resume the street party eating food, drinking, dancing. It was a success,” Charles expressed.

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Nevertheless, the Vendors’ Association President observed that regarding COVID-19 protocols, many people were not wearing masks.

He spoke amid concerns that Saint Lucia, already witnessing an increase in COVID-19 numbers, would possibly experience a massive surge in virus cases after the mass crowd event.

Charles said he anticipated that cases would go up but declared that the numbers were climbing even before the Gros Islet street party resumed.

He told St Lucia Times that people have repeatedly been urged to take responsibility for their safety by following the protocols.

“You know that you are going to be in a crowd and COVID-19 is not written on anyone’s face, so it’s up to you to keep your distance and keep yourself safe,” Charles declared.

“If they get sick they know they didn’t do what they were supposed to do. It’s been years the authorities have been preaching to people. They’re not children,” he told St Lucia Times.


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  1. wow so farless for when carnival comes back. What i saying is how do you expect people to follow protocols in a huge crowd like this? obviously no one is going to wear a mask. its the same thing with the fetes i see popping up here and there, they advertise a fete and then they say covid 19 protocols in full effect but when you get there there is NO protocol or there is NO ONE to see the protocols are enforced so what is the damn point in saying protocols in full effect?

  2. A anonymous nobody not stopping you from doing as you please. You sound like a jacka** in a horse race. I hope if everybody go drown themselves you will follow too. Dont worry a out other ppl protect yourself

  3. The dead will die. Protocols….what is that? The probability of death by COVID 19 has just gone up folks, that is all, that is all. Cast the dice. Are we ready to be a statistic? Life has to go on. Let nature take its course right.

  4. The Ministry of health needs to come out and remove all protocols because what I am seeing there is pure nonsense. A bunch of hypocrites they are. On one hand one group can gather on another one cannot gather. That was a mass crowd event that the authorities approved so what protocols we need to continue to follow. Now it should be an individual’s choice to mask up or abstain from gathering. Moses , Belmar George I hope I do not hear you mention to people about protocols since you both endorsed this massive social event.

  5. Am i reading right now. All of a sudden ppl makes Take responsibility for the Actions etc. I Agree 100%. Why didn’t we say that when we hv govt paying facility fees for parents, why then am i asked to wear a mask to enter a govt office? Didn’t the Protocols say Only 200 fully vax at Mass Crowd events? The SLFA was even following protocols and refusing ppl entry in to the Dennery field 2 weeks ago without proof of vaccination. ANYWAYS. I didn’t expect better.

  6. Its almost three years since COVID 19 has been spreading. Why must we still be told to wear a mask, social distance and sanitize. If you dont want to get sick follow the protocols. They are simple, why must the Police and Ministry of Health be on our backs. He who shall not hear shall feel. I have gone to other countries and seen the people there take all the necessary steps to be safe. We each have a responsibility to do the right thing.

  7. So you and the authorities organize a mass crowd event in the midst of a pandemic and you turn around and say ““If they get sick they know they didn’t do what they were supposed to do.” The smart thing the authorities (yes, the authorities, @ Angelic) suppose to do is not to allow such mass crowd events. And yes, the the people should do is not attend. The unfortunate thing is that these people who attended will bring it to there homes and workplaces and so put the rest of us at risk.

  8. @ernie and bert….wats ur point to this comment?? u better start doing some life introspection because nothing wrong in good prevailing over evil……

    secondly, to me this street party is unacceptable…this is quit a massive crowd without mask and distancing……now i understand why the govt dont care about us and taking drastic measures to suit themselves…… some point we all pay for whats happening from the higher heads but God protect us and have mercy….cuz the same leaders yourll complain about is the same ones who allow url to shack up on each other like this………so much for social distancing and protecting yourself…smh…..brace for the next lockdown

  9. No regard for holiness. The first chance to take a stance for righteousness, we turn our backs on Him, may mercy prevail

    • Yes exactly Bertrand Bernard,they refuse to live their lives like you.Hopefully after reading your comment they all decide to walk in your footsteps & be the holiest ppl on earth.

  10. I guess from now on physical and social distancing are no more and should not be preached to us by Gov’t nor the ministry of health nor police. It went out the door the day government announced G-Islet Friday would take place.


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