Thursday, August 18, 2022

WATCH: Immigration Department Working To Streamline Internal Processes

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Despite the challenges affecting operations, the Immigration Department continues to serve the public.

Although the new ePassport facility has gone live, the Immigration Department is reminding the public the current machine readable passports are still valid for travel.

That means your machine readable passport will still be accepted at air and seaports around the world.

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Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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Editorial Staff
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  1. At immigration dept now….Tuesday 2nd August and it’s a bloody fricking mess. Shame on the policy makers to force people who paid months before this rollout to come back here to pay extra. This is insane. Where is Mary Francis to plead the cause of the poor vulnerable lucians.

  2. Just as President Ramil Wickremesinghe was over thrown by the same people who elected him,so am I not in favor of no political parties.
    But everyone has a free choice to elect a leader or ruler, but in life we does make decsions to our own hurt, which brings miseries,by which we can acknowledge our faults and errors.
    We fight for matters whithout discrimination or create problems.

    Let us not stop them from labour,let them goven deligently. For everyone who has given a trust fund must prove to be honest ⚖️.
    A glorious trône, exalt from the begining and in the end must prove to be faithful,nor it lamposts (ministers)
    will move to it places.
    “I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind to reward a man according to his deeds and conduct according to what his deed deserved”.

  3. As a servant of the public, I am appalled at the manner i which our own saint lucians are treated. Its inconceivable to think that “we” roll out a new system but never planned to deal with the influx. Why was that an afterthought? Is it because those in the “know” and in the higher circles do not queue to get such government documents…I never see any ministers (nor their concubines) or lawyers or judges or permanent secretaries on any damn line! Our society / leaders as in the immigration heads marginalize our own people and like to put out the race card when a white man does it! This whole change to e passport is a huge failure….shame on them canadians consultants and Lake as they ARE part of this mess!

  4. Y’all want to streamline y’all processes but y’all do not want to streamline the place to accommodate the people. The place is too small and becomes too crowded. Don’t even talk about accommodation for people with disabilities.

  5. @concern ..riding the backs of st lucians and the saddest part is st lucians walking all the way on both legs where their master leadeth…..alot of this would change if lucians would rally together and fight for the causes….we cant afford to let the poor get poorer….it affects most of us…we are too concerned for me and myself only and as long as i can do all to afford….it’s time ppl show the govt who put them there to represent…

  6. Riding the backs of ST LUCIANS imagine passport for five years..Now people that apply for a visa on a two year waiting list..Not even sure they will get itpoliticians will go straight to hell when god ready for them especially the pjp administration you think America will give St. Lucian a visa when their economy is so poor


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