Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WATCH: Major Fire In Castries Averted

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On Sunday, emergency personnel, retired firefighters, and neighbours prevented what could have become a significant fire in Castries, officials say.

The fire destroyed a structure at Upper Conway and caused minor heat damage to nearby dwellings.

The building was uninhabited at the time.

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The SLFS said emergency responders received a call for assistance at 3:45 pm, and on arrival, found a wooden and concrete structure measuring 20ft X 30 ft engulfed in flames.

A fire service official told St Lucia Times that two appliances from SLFS headquarters and one from Gros Islet fire station were on the scene.

And with the help of retired firefighters and citizens, they prevented the blaze from spreading to five nearby dwellings, the official disclosed.

According to emergency responders, no one sustained injuries due to the fire, the cause of which is under investigation.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. The persons who require the updates on past fires have received them. Also you can’t expect something solid reported on a fire less than 24 hours after the fire extinguished.

  2. The warning signs are there. The next Castries fire will happen and will be biblical. And it will be fueled by all those plywood huts built and sanctioned by the CCC.

  3. I believe there is an Urban Development/Planning Department in St. Lucia; it is time they get up from sitting on their hands, make recommendations to Government in regards to little Plywood huts sprouting up all over the City with no Planning, no supervision, no Building & Health Inspection, anything goes then fire, chaos, what a way to run a Country, don’t worry we have the C.D.C; don’t bother to pay rent, we forgive you. Fire don’t only happen in wooden shacks, see what happen in New York, with the best Fire fighters money can buy, and causes lives. Better to spend some money on home base, rather spend $1.5 million uselessly for Expo Dubai and our poor at home have to put up with substandard housing, little shacks built to make a living – no Planning, no Inspection, no one gives a damn – ( Lord help St. Lucia now, thanx)

  4. Fires are always under investigation but the causes of these fires always remain a mystery. Was there a report on what caused the fire in Bishop’s gap last month? Was there a report on what caused the fire near the grave yard 2 months ago? How about the the fire 2 weeks near Jeremie street next to the CDC
    Any follow up? Smh.

  5. Again not much information… however it was unoccupied. Is like they know it was arson but saying it being investigated

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