WATCH: Masked Bandits Break Into Vieux Fort Gas Station

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Masked bandits broke into the Rubis gas station on the Vieux Fort-Laborie Highway in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

CCTV footage shows the bandits smashing one side of a glass door, entering the building, and making a quick escape after grabbing a few items, including bottles of liquor, before escaping.

The incident occurred around 2:29 am.

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Francisco Jn Pierre is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Southern Taxi Company Limited, which operates the Rubis gas station in Vieux Fort where the smash and grab occurred.

“Historically we have been suffering with vandalism,” Jn Pierre told St Lucia Times.

“You always find they come in there – these young boys. They’re well masked up because they are fully aware that the place is well protected when it comes to alarm and cameras. So when they come they are well suited up. You are not able to identify the individuals,” he explained.

“And you can see whoever is coming there is coming for pettiness. At 2 O’ clock in the morning there’s nothing taking place there. What they do, they come, they break the glass door or the side glass,” Jn Pierre stated, adding that this has occurred several times.

He said the intruders take alcohol and ‘junk.’

“They really cannot stay that long because once the alarm goes off they know for a fact that somebody will respond, so truth be told it’s an issue we have been facing for a number of years,” the Chairman of the Board of the Southern Taxi Company Limited disclosed.

He asserted that money would not be available at the gas station for the thieves to take, explaining that there have been hold-ups at the business place in the past, with the result that systems are in place to address such situations.

“As Chairman of the Board of Directors and a citizen of the South of Saint Lucia as well I am calling on these young men who create these problems to please desist from that and at least do something worthwhile with their lives,” Jn Pierre stated.


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  1. My eyes are on the way of men, says the Lord ;
    I sees their every step, there is no dark place,no deep shadow where evil doers can hide…..
    I have no need to examine men further, that they should come before me for ⚖️ Judgement….
    I over throw them in the night and they are crushed. I punished them for their wickedness where everyone can see them.

  2. It is a sad commentary for V/Fort: as a Rep for the Constituency, how do you wake up in the morning reading about this and all the comments written about it? there are two comments I would like everyone to read one more time i.e. ‘SAD BUT TRUE’ and ‘JAY’ these got it very close to the reality – others too said it but differently.
    Will everyone wake up and let your voices be heard, tell the idiots in charge DON’T EVEN THINK OF TEACHING CHILDREN PATOIS OR KREYOL IN SCHOOL. I left St. Lucia 65 yrs ago, but before Covid I made yearly visits to St. Lucia. My knowledge and experience and by my travels far and wide have proved to me that schools, MUST teach English, French and Spanish – these three along with the sciences, maths social science and history etc. I strongly feel that the Churches should play a strong roll in the lives of the people (family) while we still live in a free and democratic society.

  3. Let’s go back to the old times and let the bad boy b prefect let banan b prefect n let him account for the badness that goes on.

  4. Stop making excuses for BAD AND IGNORANT BEHAVIOR… poverty has always existed and therefore there is no need to make excuses. There were folk who were illiterate centuries but never engaged in such behavior.

    These young thugs are violent, cursed, illiterate, envious and want to reap where they did not sow and that’s the reality. By the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread – not by the sweat of others – it’s disgusting and they should be locked up and the keys thrown away.

  5. This behaviour is precisely why black men are not wanted in other people’s countries. This is what was meant when our grandparents referred to such undesirables as “veiux negre sal.” theivery, black on black crime, gangs and drug dealing are all their speciality. wherever you find the vieux negre sal. you find social problems. they never focus on nation building. just personal enjoyment. sum ting wrong with you people. our islands have to few good black men who are business minded but littered with vieux negre sal. sad but true.

  6. Worry about the future you are spot on with your comments. Ppl quick to blame the young men. Our Education system is what is breeding these criminals. Our leaders are out of sync with reality. The so cold Transformation Mnistry has also failed our young ppl. Our laws provide no deterrent for criminal activity. If i shoot u dead in my business place or home I am treated as criminal but the criminals are treated as celebrities when found with guns. Only persons prospering are the Lawyers and those Large. Look at your current crop of Parliamentarians. The cast majority reside Safe an Away from the troublesome hotspots. KA all safe n soun in Cul de Sac. WE DDOOMMEDDD

  7. The person who made the First Comment Seems to be ond of the Guys who Broke into the Establishment.The Prices of Everything bave gone up world wide because of the War in Ukraine. It’s time that these Thugs go to their Maker .They had no Business in there at that time of the MORNING .

  8. I honestly can’t blame them when prices in the supermarket going up like every week people can’t eat when you need a useless vaccine to work what you expect it’s only the beginning people can’t survive they will turn to crime because it is not getting better

    • Ridiculous comment. They stole alcohol and not food. They don’t even look old enough to consume alcohol. You sound stupid and making excuses for these fools. Enablers.

    • What a moronic post. I am beginning to like the idea that getting a keyboard should require an intelligence test.

  9. Truth is that this youngster here can be identified by someone who knows him. Especially a family member. Whoever you are do him a favor bt turning him in.

  10. Damn culprits …. That’s the result of learning creole in school .. can’t get good job …. They should go and eat more green figs and stop stealing .

    • Wow… you’re an ignorant one…”the result of learning creole in school”?… really, it seems to me you s probably should’ve have learned some creole maybe your ignorance or self hatred would be less visible.

  11. Looks like you need another level of security….SMART WATER is good start…theses criminals will never get away….A bunch of youth already going down the wrong path.

  12. I don’t support what these young men are doing, but they need guidance and some sense of a future. You send them to school, but at the end of their education, there is nothing for them. They are influenced by ‘bad’ people who probably started out the same way. This has been going on for a long time now in St Lucia. There are many men, even in their thirties and forties who have been let down by their parents ( most likely only ever knew one parent) by their communities, and by a lack of government policy and planning. Yes they need to take responsibility, but that usually comes from good examples, which seem to be sadly lacking. Looks like another generation will end up the same way. What does this mean for St Lucia’s future…

  13. St lucia needs deliverance every day is drama when ever the news comes out..The fact is sometimes they never catch these idiots..Boy I’m getting scared to roam in lucia..These cops running tired


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